Is This Fucked Up?

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  1. So I just thought I'd share this with GC. I have a friend named W who has an ex gf named M. They dated for like a couple months and ended up breaking up, it wasn't a horrible breakup or anything but there's definitely resentment there (M cheated). So fast forward like 8 months to now, I keep seein M talkin on Facebook with my other friend S, who is also friends with W. I didn't think much if it and W brought up to me how he saw it too and we both thought it was weird but that they just were talkin. Now let me also just mention W is 18, S is 20, and M is like 16 max. So when I see S I casually mention M and he denies that there's anything there but then he keeps hinting at them gettin together and I swear I saw a pic of M as like his phone background. I know W probably wouldn't be cool with this and I'm not gonna tell him because I'm good friends with them both and they are friends with each other too. I'm just chillin here though wondering if its fucked up for S to get with his homies ex all sneakily like that and plus the fact she's only 16. I mean I don't judge it's just gotta question the situation you know
  2. It's confusing as fuck when people use letters instead of names. I don't really know what your post is about. 
  3. yeah im confused too.
  4. Hmmm I guess everyone's different I have no problem reading posts with letters instead of names unless there's a million people in it. I just don't feel comfortable using real names of people online
  5. Use fake names ;)
  6. Idk what the fuck that post says but ima take a guess. I think you should stay out of their lives and let them do what they want.
  7. Somebody needs better reading comprehension skills!
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    he's joking because you didnt write out the real names hahaha
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    Lol how? I read your post right. The girl cheated on the guy and they broke up. Now another friend is talking to said girl but the friend is denying it. Like I said, stay out of their lives. You asked for advice and that's my advice.
    EDIT: And yeah its fucked up. Thats why you shouldnt get caught up in it.
  10. But my post wasn't about getting involved, I said in my post that was out of the question. I just wanted to know if people here thought it was fucked up for someone to try and get with a friends ex and deny it and also factoring in the age difference.
  11. Getting with the girl, it depends on how long they were friends, how long they were together before the break up and what not.
    Age difference- Some might say yeas some might say no. If 16 is the legal age of consent like it is here than not really, it's not like the guy is 40 or something. But I know others will disagree with me on this.
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    Its somewhat fucked up and somewhat not fucked up, but point is, stay outta their lives.

    And us stoners have hard times reading walls of text, just break it down even every few sentences to make it easier for us. And use fake names :hello:

    EDIT: More fucked up that you hang out with 16 year olds
  13. I don't hang out with M
  14. If S is 20 yo, he can be arrested if he is having sex with a 16 year old.  
    Depends on the state. In NJ he falls under the 4 year gap rule. However he would be fucked if M said something like "he took advantage of me"
  16. The 20 year old shoul stay away from any 16 year olds, and your friend should be pissed at the 20 year old. Also you used W for the Muy and M for the Woman. Lol
  17. I fuck yo bitch, uoeno kno it.
  18. keep lil b away from M
  19. Bro code, you gotta be more loyal to the bro that can do the most damage to you
  20. To answer the post title, yes, this is fucked up...whatever happened here, can't get past the Ps and Qs and wall of text.

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