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Is this fucked up?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by smokeythedogg, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. I gave my guy. 100 for a quarter I and he was supposed to bring it the next day. It has now been a week and he told me he got caught with it yesterday and now he won't pay me back. Is that fucked
  2. lololol why do people do this
  3. 90% of the time that means "i took your money, you got jacked, im not giving it back"
  4. yup never front money for illegal shit man. Im pretty sure if he got caught with it he would have not responded to you. Actually that depends of if it was the kids parents or police.

  5. a dealer is like a store - you buy product and hand over money same time not later not before same time
  6. fuck that guy man, never front money
  7. He took the risk with the expectation of a profit. He is responsible, tell him to man up and pay his bill. :smoke:
  8. Man up and collect from that man one way or another.
  9. Never front out your money.

    Been robbed over $1,000 total doing that shit over the years.

    Doesn't matter how much you think you can trust them.

    If they can't have the product when you have the money they don't deserve the business.

    Simple as that.
  10. Might want to introduce him to your nice friend, Mr. Baseball Bat :)
  11. Never ever ever ever ever front your money under any ANY circumstances ... yes you got jacked im sorry and it is FUCKED
  12. The only way I give my dealer money first is if I'm taking him to get me some because he's dry and I'm next to him the whole time. Other than that I'm not giving him shit...
  13. This happened to me once when I was like 13 for a dub though, felt like a complete dumbass. Ever since then I've never fronted money. Yes it's fucked and you should try to get that money back.
  14. When i first started buying weed, I got jacked more times then i got Sold to...

    They would be on their mopeds and they'd say something like "Hey man i just gotta go 10 minutes to pick it up, i'll be right back i swear, hold this if you want" and they'd pass me like their tobacco pouch lmao...

    I wouldn't see them for a while. I once got robbed on my door, I was selling 2 grams, and this guy grabbed me and took it out of my hands, but he had about 6-8 people on bikes behind him in my front garden...

    Sucks so much dick man.
  15. Slash da tires brotha. Lol but really if he's not 100 pounds more then u or carrys a gun you should fight him. Or do the tier thing. A.New one will cost him 200 so he is out on a $100 too.
  16. hopefully you learned a valuable lesson young man
  17. I learned this lesson the hard way too, it really does suck but I learned a valuable lesson.

    Mourn your loss and move on.
  18. You shouldn't have to ask if thats fucked up.. Your out 100 dollars on absolutely nothing now man. Fight his ass!
  19. Ask for it back one more time, forcefully. If he still wont, slash his tires and move on.
  20. That sucks dude. Dont buy from him again.

    Do you buy from him regularly?

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