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    Hey guys, I'm new to all this and have been wanting to begin growing my own for a while now, Hopefully I start real soon. I began purchasing everything about 2 days ago and I need your opinion, Since I am a first time grower and don't want to mess up and ruin my first batch!
    First off, I'm using a room that's 4x4 and I only want to grow 3-4 plants inside a shed.
    I'll be insulating the walls and the roof, Then covering the walls with plywood and then wrapping the walls, roof and flooring with Mylar.
    For lighting I purchased a 600-watt air-cooled HPS system, Which will be vented by a 6" blower that will be connected to a carbon filter, Which will then lead directly underground to some vent pipes I have buried 1 foot and a half deep, Which runs about 35 feet away from the shed, Then comes out near a fence, Under a tree... I took these measurements to make sure everything is low-key as I don't want anyone knowing ANYTHING about this.
    I have just a regular 6" fan to push air inside the room itself.
    As far as soil, I'll be using Fox farm ocean forest.
    pH Monitor
    pH Up & Down kit
    Temp. + Humidity monitor
    Dehumidifier (For the last stage)
    2 Timers
    Variable Fan Speed Controller (Since it's a smaller room, I won't need it to be on at full power)
    I'll be purchasing organic vermiculite tomorrow.
    So I come to you guys to ask for any advice and or if I'm missing anything, Obviously since I have to ask, Then I'm not ready to begin growing. Which is why I won't begin for about another week or 2 weeks until I know I'm ready and have everything set up.
    Thank you for taking your time to help me! Appreciate it.

  2. sounds like you have done your research man and are well on your way to a very successful grow. good luck and happy growing
  3. Ditch the 'organic' vermiculite. You don't need it in ffof soil. Instead, get some more perlite.
  4. You are definitely on the right track man!  As for starting your plants out in FF Ocean Forrest, I would recommend Fox Farm Light Warrior to start, and then after a week or two, transplant into a mix of FFOF 75% and then 25% Light Warrior.  FF Ocean Forest is loaded with nutes and could be problematic in the beginning stages.
  5. Skip the push fan and use a passive intake, aka: a hole. If you draw your fresh air from outside put screening over the hole to keep bugs out. And remember to check it once in a while as the airflow will be restricted if the screen gets covered with leaves/debris.

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