Is this female or male??

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Male or female?

  1. Male

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  2. Female

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  1. Cant tell what gender this is.

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  2. Doesnt look like its showing its sex yet by those pics
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  3. A closer pic of the stem and attached grow tip is required.
    Welcome to GC. :)
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  4. It looks like I might see some balls in that second pic....when I zoom in...but yeah, better pics are needed.
  5. Wait 2 weeks and zom in where your stem meets stalk. Like 4th 5th node. Believe me bub youll know when they show.
  6. Here are 2 updated pictures

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  7. still not showing on the pics. most generally 10days on 12/12 and it will show micro hairs or little ball clusters. males generally take a few days longer to show than females.

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