Is this fake weed?

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  1. So my childhood buddy came by and asked if I needed some weed, so i bought this for 10$, it sorta smells like candy, and when I smoked it I got paranoid after I was done, then came slowly down to a relaxing/funny mood, then to a medium headache, and with most of the weed I have smoked, I rarely get a headache. I have only found 1 seed in it though, so i'm just really confused.


  2. Looks like weed....
  3. That looks like weed but if you say it smells like candy it might be some synthetic bud
  4. To me it looks like some other shit

  5. Yea, I really hope it isn't.
  6. I scrolled so much to try to answer your question, but I cant.
  7. I know that's bud. It's just low quality. Synthetic marijuana doesn't look like that. Trust me I know all about that stuff..
  8. Definetly take it out of the bag and post another pic
  9. When you open the bag is it a strong smell? That looks like quite a bit for 10$, unless it's shake man.
  10. Make the pic smaller please. Looks like bud to me
  11. looks like shake or broken up weed. Its most def Merry.
  12. ctrl +/- blades!

    but yeah, take it out of the bag.
  13. Synthetic is what I'm thinkin. How's the taste?
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    I don't know where you learned this voodoo magic but it made this thread a lot easier to deal with.

    OP, now that I've viewed the whole thing it looks like it might be synthetic, can't be sure though, might be shake.
  15. Definitely bud, doesn't look synthetic if you zoom you can tell. BUT DAMN is that some dried out shake. It's not grinder that shit is shake and it looks fucking old but that may me in part because of the bag.
  16. might be weed mixed with oregano, haha

    but yeah can't really tell much when it's in the bag
  17. if you don't know what weed looks/smells/tastes/feels like, then you should not smoke.
  18. smokin on that spice shit
  19. Sorta looks like spice homie
  20. Just looks like shake to me, As for the smell..That makes me say its spice.Its probably synthetic cannabanoids someone ordered from china and mixed with damiana leaves.Look it up and see if it looks like whats in the bag.Looks like shredded damiana.

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