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Is this fake or real?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by howdyyall, Mar 25, 2015.

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  1. It could be because it is a solid nug (and synthetic usually looks like shake) but it also might not be because it's stemless and doesn't smell like weed. My guy said the stems came pulled out, but I don't know if I should believe him (only bought from him a few times).

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  2. jesus fucking crist don't smoke that it's weed but holy shit that might be the worst i have ever seen
  3. Looks fake imo. Also didn't you post this on the other thread? 
  4. Lol ya but the thread kinda died down lol plus I finally learned how to post pics so you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom. I texted him but he said the stems are pulled, but this is still nonetheless shitty:/
  5. #6 Its Brandon, Mar 25, 2015
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    No, I don't even think that's weed.. Lol if it is I still wouldn't smoke that shit
  6. Kinda looks like it was pulled off the brick, shoved up a Mexicans ass, and then smuggled across the border. Lol
  7. would not smoke
  8. Lol. I'm thinking of just tossing it, but I paid $40 for 8 Gs (more in bag than picture showed). I might sell the whole thing to someone desperate for $20, but id probably feel bad afterwards.
  9. At least it smells ok (doesn't smell like weed, but like a blueberry pie lol)
  10. I think you just bought a $40 granola bar and got screwed.
  11. It doesn't look like weed really. Stems pulled out, is this a new trick people can do?
    I say chalk it up to a loss, don't involve another person and screw them out of money too. That or try smoking it and see... but I wouldn't.
  12. to me, it looks like vaped weed, except it's still in decent sized nugs.
  13. Oh, mercy please, just flush that down the toilet already and be done with it. That's not cannabis. And certainly for gods sake, do not pass that on to someone else.
  14. op if you sell that to some one your a bad person!
  15. That dealer who says he got a deal on some good shit and says "It Gets me High"...well heres a good example of what your going to end up with. 
  16. Exactly. Do not end up on your guys level

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  17. i think when that bud was in someones ass they decided to shit too and picked it back up out of the toilet

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  18. I would ask for a refund.  That is certainly not marijuana.
  19. Looks like Shitty vaped weed
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