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is this excessive? :toward ladeez, but men can join:

Discussion in 'General' started by skittlette, May 15, 2009.

  1. I THINK IT'S A LITTLE OBSESSIVE,,,but then,, being a dude,,

    i'd appreciate a chick that likes to be clean,,,do you pay that much attention to your body soap and a routine of other cleanliness. systems?

    ..i keep a lot of fuzz on my face,, and trim it with dog clippers... i only use a razor,, if someones getting married, or dies,,,,

    .. some chicks digg that ruff look....

    ..it's just more comfortable for me,, i hate shaving,,,i did enough of that in the military to last me a lifetime,,,:yay::yay::yay::ey:
  2. actually chicken..i think at that point it gets "worse"...i def like to be clean...but like i said, i kinda play in the mud a lot too
  3. seems like it'd be a tiring routine. but i'm a girl and i have my own excessive/odd habits when i'm getting ready, so i understand
  4. what the fuck happened to soap and water?

    thats all i use and my skin is just fine...we werent ment to have all these chemicals and shit put onto our skin imo
  5. haha, most soap is terrible for your facial skin, and often full of chemicals.
  6. well shit. what do i know...im a 19 year old guy who is lazy as hell and uses what works. dont listen to me...
  7. all good :smoking: every guy i've ever been with has just grabbed his bar of soap to wash his face and it always drives me crazy, but they all do it. hahah. men.. ay ay ay
  8. we're simpler folk. i can wake up, shower, brush teeth, get dressed, and be out the door with all my stuff in under 10 min.
  9. well ty dbw

    i dont think that if i didnt get so damned dirty all the time, AND worked with the public that it would be an issue, but i do both, and after i had the baby my skin just went haywire
    i havent been doing this for years by the way, just since ive harvested my "grow" :p*yes i remember that* i usedto justuse st. ives cleaser and scrub once or twice a day...but it stopped working and made me start to break out teribly when i used it, and i dont mean omg i have a zit, i mean full on pizzaface breakouts.
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    tis true. my showers are what take forever. i don't do squat to my hair or use makeup... probably takes me 30 mins to get ready because the shower takes at least half of that time.

    ahhh damn. acne is a bitch. i've heard that after having kids, women sometimes end up with totally different skin complexes, from the change in hormones.
    i've always had a struggle with acne myself, but then i discovered a birth control that happened to fix that for me.

    i worked at taco time a few years ago and my chest would always break out really bad from being around the grease fryers! it was awful. AWFUL I TELL YOU! those things emit greasy air or something...haha
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    Yikes! Very excessive.
    The only thing I do for my face is rinse it under the shower... maybe throw some soap on there if I'm feeling frisky.
    I certainly wouldn't be taking a nail brush to my face though... otherwise I'm sure it would be called the nail/face brush.

    I'm not sure what skin on strike is like, whether its just oily or pimply.
    I mean, if it works for you then that's all well and good, I'd be more worried about how long it takes to complete that whole procedure and if there's a way you can shorten it or something.
  12. Nah, I love it. I bet your face is soft as a babies bottom, who wouldnt want to kiss those cheeks?

    The cost of all the supplies - a shit load.

    The cost of some dude thinking your 20 when your really 40 = fucking priceless.

  13. lolz
    but again, all in all, i dont spend that much since i dont buy all at once...

    and tea, the length of time it takes doesnt bother me too much, to me it doesnt take ne longer than how long i brush my teeth for:rolleyes:

    and about the hot facecloth, i do that open the pores up and raise/loosen the dead skin;)
  14. Washing my face invovles splashing water on my face and drying it off....
  15. thatd be too much for my skin.
    i wash witha lotion every day two times probably apply a cream
    and everytime i take a bath or a shower i do peeling at my skin.generally.

    and every 4 to 6 months i get a facial cleaning .
    i might have a mask now and then...

    yeah thats about it.

    so i guess if it works for you cool.but you should visit a dermatologist and ask what would be teh best for your skin.
    you might be ruining it unwillingly.

    youre skin though looks nice as i remember
  16. tkx blue my love;)
    im just wondering if a trip to the derma is covered by my insurance...prolly not since i dont have a "condition":rolleyes:
  17. haha dude you're like american psycho dude. but i used to do the same actually almost. I would wake up, get a shower and in the shower use deep pore cleansing scrub on 3 out of 7 days and on the other 4 i would use regular face cleaner, by Nivea for men of course. Then I woukld get out of the shower, shave, and use Nivea for Men Aftershave Replenishing balm, and then I would put on protective lotion on the part of my face that needn't be shaved, and then I would use an eye balm thing for under yiour eye.s i gotta lot of compliments on skin and now that i wrote this im gonnas start doin that shit again
  18. fuck someone above already used an american psycho ref. :(
  19. My mom runs a face cleaning business, and washing your face with too many chemicals is worse than not washing your face at all.

    If anything, soap and warm towel is the best.

  20. you really didn't have to go that far...

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