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is this excessive? :toward ladeez, but men can join:

Discussion in 'General' started by skittlette, May 15, 2009.

  1. i want to know if my face washing routine is excessive or not...like i said, geared more toward the ladeez

    first off i scrub my hands with a nail brush in hot water before even touching my face...
    i then put a hot face cloth on my face repeatedly for a couple minutes
    then a take a cleanser :depending on morning or night, morning is a regular cleanser, the other has microbeads in it: and rub it on thoroughly, then take a nail brush and gently scrub my face for about a minute or two
    i rinse my face with hot water, using a washcloth
    i then take a cotton ball with a toner on it, "rinsing" my face with it, i do this twice or more with a different cotton ball each time
    i then use a lotion :depending on morning or night, one is a daily and the other is an anti-again:
    if i have a problem spot, i also use a microdermabrassion applicator before the cleanser

    below are links to all the products i use...

    keep in mind that if i dont do this for only one day then my skin goes on strike so to speak...especially after the baby
    and im not even going into details of the different applications i go through:rolleyes:

    women's Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser<sup>®</sup> - Neutrogena
    women's Neutrogena<sup>®</sup> Fresh Foaming Scrub - Neutrogena
    women's Neutrogena<sup>®</sup> Alcohol-Free Toner - Neutrogena
    women's Neutrogena Healthy Skin<sup>®</sup> Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Night Cream - Neutrogena
    women's Neutrogena<sup>®</sup> Oil-Free Fresh Moisture - Neutrogena
    women's Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator<sup>â„¢</sup> Kit - Neutrogena
  2. It's clearly excessive.
  3. I'm a guy, well shit you know that, anyways.

    It is a bit excessive, after a while alotta the natural oils in your skin will be stripped away, leaving your skind Compromised either way.

    Have you thought about asking a doctor about it? Specially how the skin problems worsened post-babyyyy.

    hahah sorry im maaad fucked up

    The Vlassic Classic Crunchy Dill.
  4. Thats alot of shit. I thought i was excessive. But if your skin isn't happy without that ritual, i don't think you have a choice.
  5. im a guy. But They wouldnt sell all of those products if you werent supposed to use them. Right? But what the hell do I know?
  6. how much did neutrogena pay you to make this thread?
  7. a tad.

    try adding flax seed to your diet if you haven't already.
    it's supposed to benefit the skin.

    but if that routine works for you and you don't mind it... i see no problem.
  8. What the hell...

    I don't even wash... :rolleyes:

    Anyway.. You do what you gotta do.. And if it works who the hell am I to tell you it's too much.
  9. Yeah, that's like a Patrick Bateman routine... I swear to god he describes it the same way in the book.

  10. exactly what i was thinking..

    you dont have an alternate reality where your an untouchable murderer??

    i kno i do :p
  11. Lmao.
    and no girls have posted yet.
    It clearly seems excessive. But hey do whatcha do homegirl.
  12. my girlfriend thinks its normal. and she spends almost 2 hours getting ready..

    i myself think its bordering obsessive compulsive

  13. lol, if only:rolleyes:
    i have a slight allergy to a lot of other products...so i use neutogena because it doesnt give me a rash, whats wrong with that?
  14. anyone else?
  15. My skin couldn't handle all of that.

    The only thing you should really skip is the hot face cloth on your face. The hot steam can cause broken capilaries. And you should only exfoliate once a day... using an exfoliating cleanser, plus a nail brush, plus microdermabrasion is too much and you could end up damaging your skin in the long run. Instead of manual exfoliators, try a chemical one with alpha hydroxy acids like this one

    AND YOU NEED SUNSCREEN!!! That's the single most important thing you can do for your skin.
  16. I use three things. All burts bees, all natural. It works for me and doesn't dry out my skin. Too much drying out and shit causes wrinkles.
  17. wow, all I do is use a face scrub and my face is fine.

  18. #18 Fëanor, May 15, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 15, 2009
    It's not needed. What do you think is the advantage of using all those expensive products? The reason you can't stop using it for a day is because your skin is "addicted" to all the chemicals you are exposing it to. You are damaging your skin more than you are helping it IMO. A simple wash with a facial cleanser a couple times a day is plenty. You shouldn't have to scrub the hell out of it and bombard it with chemicals.

    PS - In my experience, Neutrogena makes multiple products with different names and appearances that have the exact same active ingredient; it's more marketing than anything. I don't know if this is the case with the specific products you listed.
  19. sounds like too much stuff. but i dont use face products alot anyway.
  20. i DO use sunscrean, and those products actually arent that expensive since they each last me a couple months before i have to buy again...
    my skin has been a wreck since before i used to use all that stuff...
    i used to have to use iso to keep it under control, and a dermatologist ok'd it since i couldnt afford the stuff shew anted me to use
    i dont use the microderm all the time, i use it MAYBE once a month, if that
    i have combination skin, so i use different products to balance it out
    the exfoliating cleanser is a gentle one, i can hardly feel the scrubbies in it, and i dont SCRUM with the nail brush, i do it VERY gentle

    im just filling in a lot of the empty spots...and i feel that taking this much care of my face is warrented from stress, i do a lot of outdoors dirty things, and i smoke on top of it all...

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