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Is this even weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ForTooZero, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. So today I bought some shake off a dealer for $30. It was really dark when I bought it because we were outside at 11:30 pm in some corner.

    Now I'm not sure if this is even weed or not. It smells different then weed and it looks a little different. At first I thought it could be oregano but it doesn't look like the pictures of oregano on the internet.
    Maybe the smell is because it's a different kind of weed or something.

    I understand that the best way to find out if this is weed or not is to smoke it but i don't want to smoke it if it could be harmful to me.

    I'll attatch some pictures below. If you guys could please tell me what this is and if this is shake or not that would be amazing.

    Attached Files:

  2. Nah man that's not weed

  3. What is it though. I thought it might be oregano but it doesn't look like it. Could it be like really lowgrade shake or something.
  4. nah homey...second picture kinda makes it look like grass clippings. I would suggest not hitting that kid up anymore.
  5. i think your dealer went to his backyard, picked some grass, bagged it up and sold it to you. tell him you want your money back
  6. It's compressed grass, so no.
  7. Definitely doesn't look like weed to me man. /:
  8. That's some expensive grass you got got ripped the fuck off man
  9. It's either grass or some trimmings from a plant
  10. It doesn't smell like grass though. Also there are stems in it.
  11. It's not weed. Next time you should probably have a look at it before buying. You have a cell phone, don't you? Light at it if it's dark outside.

    But smoke it anyways, you paid $30 for it. Who knows what it will do. Most likely nothing.
  12. it looks a bit like oregano to me but idk its tough to tell but its for sure not weed
  13. I thought maybe it was the bottom of the bag of some trimmings...but trim usually looks better then that.

    Celery or cilantro? way too many stems.

    I'd just save it and maybe you'll get the rare chance to sell it back to him someday :D .. otherwise just cut yer losses and don't hook up with that guy again. 30$ is a small price to pay to find out what type of person someone really is.
  14. Oh man, do people really still try to pass grass clippings off as weed or is this an epic troll?

    If someone gave be a bag of grass clippings expecting me to pay $$, not only would i not buy it, i would fucking kick their ass make them understand that douching people is not a good business plan.

    Im in =0 op, you bought yo self some grass clippings from a total dick.
  15. Yeah, honestly I'm not tripping over $30. I don't even wanna keep it so I'll probably just ditch the bag, I was just checking if it was weed or not because I'd feel really stupid throwing away weed.
  16. That is definitely not the herb. Where are you located?
  17. Its hard to tell, but IMO it looks like fresh herbs.

    Based on what I can see in the pictures it looks like tarragon, rosemary or savory.

  18. bro, it kills me that you got ripped off like that, but you gotta eat this one and accept it :(
  19. man, call your dealer and get your money back or hes gunna try and sell you more of hes lawn trimmings

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