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is this even mj?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by picklerick, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Weird.

    I would ditch that dealer
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  2. I see you got a lot of responses. I recognize that brick weed from the late 60's, early 70's when I first started smoking. In spite of all the junk- stems and seeds it can be some potent cannabis. I still remember crumbling up those compressed flowers. Hope it's something you can enjoy- sometimes the ugliest stuff may be really good- look at Thai cannabis, ugly- but potent. Just saw your ground up stuff. Brick weed needs to be cleaned of stem matter before you grind it up. If you decide not to smoke it, make some edibles- Good luck, mate.
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  3. Did you end up saying anything to your plug?

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  4. That 100% is not weed and is some alfalfa type shit that you feed to guinea pigs and rabbits. Don't smoke that, please.

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  5. I took another look then saw the above post about the guinea pig food. That is my analysis also before I even saw the above post I said it looks like what they feed pet rodents/rats. As far as brick weed even the brick weed 30 years ago at least for me didn't look like that. Don't smoke it (probably too late) as no matter how much you consume you will probably get sick and that is about it.
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  6. IMHO, there's pretty much no fucking way that is actual weed of any type, and I would strongly, strongly suggest not smoking it. Implore you, in fact. That being said, nice name and avatar, dude.

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    Lol look at all the paranoid youngins that never seen much bricked shit weed before. It's weed. Wasn't taken care of well probably grown in a low light situation which accounts for all the Leaves and not much actual bud. It was quickly dried, not cured and probably harvested early which accounts for the hay/grass smell and what will be shit taste if you try it. What you all think is hay stems is actually dried cannabis stems that split while being compressed. Pretty common site back in the day
  8. This isn't weed, it's an alfalfa cube that OP broke apart.
  9. I'm very familiar with brick weed.. also familiar with alfalfa cubes.. this took me under 5 seconds..

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  10. Ya that is just shit of the plant

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  11. Oh my god....thats just fuckin evil

    Meixcan horrible brick weed
  12. It looks like if u stepped in dogshit and it was stuck under your shoe then you walked through hay and grass and then scraped it off your shoe put it in a bag then threw it in your grinder always ask to see it first before u give $

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