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is this even mj?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by picklerick, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. being around enough hay in my life It smells very close. doesnt even smell like weed smells like grass lol

  2. It looks like a shit load of stems :laughing:
  3. Smoke a bowl and report back to us :confused_2:
  4. Time to go to your guy and ask him what the fuck he thinks he's doin selling you fuckin hay

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  5. gonna ask him tomorrow what the fuck that shit is. Ive been buying for awhile and this shit is
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  6. Roll some up and see if he'll smoke it :laughing:
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  7. If it smelled even remotely like weed I would say fuck it but with the look and smell sooo off kinda makes me want to dump it and find a new plug
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  8. hey not a bad idea lol
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  9. Don't dump it demand your plug gives you more weed to replace it or your money back if he doesn't I'd just snitch on him :confused_2:
  10. Unfortunately I think that is weed that has been mistreated throughout its entire lifespan, not cured, possibly not even dried, and then compressed. Back before good weed showed up where I live that was what the average buds looked like and smelled like. I'm guessing that is the stuff Mexican cartels send up in order to distract border guards from the harder stuff being sent up.

    Edit: On a closer inspection that looks like fucking lawn trimmings put into a brick press! I don't see any seeds and usually weed that shitty is loaded with seeds.
  11. thanks for replying. I think if I feel brave i'll smoke a bowl and if it tastes like shit I'll give it to one of my buds. I'm gonna tell my guy no more of this shit though.
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  12. If that even is weed then for that quality you should be getting at least 10x as much for that price. That dealer needs a firm lecture on quality control. At least take a hit or two and see what your dealing with, I've smoked worse things than lawn trimmings, like a lightning bug that landed in the bowl at the worst possible time lol.
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  13. Looks like horse shit literally
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  14. Looks like the shit that falls out of the bottom of a lawnmower when trying to cut damp tall grass.

    So, basically it looks like compressed formerly damp grass.
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  15. "I been smoking for a while now but I can't tell the difference between hay pellets and weed"

    Calling Billy on this one.
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  16. Brick weed cut with hay from a field man.
  17. Don't smoke that bro. That's horse shit.

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  18. finally found a few seeds and they are mj seeds so at least I know it has weed in it lol I gave the sack to a buddy.
  19. Pics?
  20. Here are a few

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