Is this even legal?

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  1. I know this an "I just got caught" story, but... please tell me if the part in bold is even legal.

    So this Friday night me and 3 friends (2 being my roommates) were smoking in my dormroom through my new(ish) bubbler. One of my roommates started drinking rum and my other friend joined in. about an hour passed and my now drunk roommate wanted to smoke again. so i packed another, blocked the bottom of my door with a sweatshirt, and sprayed a ton of axe and air freshener. we were done smoking for about 25 minutes.. i put away my bubbler, my weed, etc... and the RC (residential coordinator which is a step above RA) started pounding on our door. freaking out, my other roommate who only smoked started spraying axe. i quickly hid my roommate's alcohol because he was too drunk to function. so we open the door and the fat RC dude told us "I know you guys are smoking weed in here we can smell it from the hallway. The cops have been called, so i advise you to get everything illegal in this room and get out of here". at this point none of my friends were speaking or doing anything. so I got up, gathered my bubbler (still with bong water in it), my tiny bit of weed, and my friend's alcohol.. I tried exiting my room but the fat RC fuck was refusing to move, even though he told us to get everything out of the room. so i asked if i could shut my door since he was in the doorway and his response was "Are you going to assult me?!". so he just sat there waiting for the cop to come so i quickly hid the little bit of weed i had inside my record player. the cop got here and asked to come in.. i said yes and he came in. he was asking where the weed and piece was so i said we rolled a joint. not believing me, and obviously not in the mood for any bullshit, he started looking in the garbage (where another empty alcohol container of roommate's was [luckily he didnt find it]) so i said i'd stop fucking around and comply. i handed him the backpack, and he pulled out the bubbler and the alcohol. since the alch was in my backpack, he assumed it was mine. So he wrote me up for 1) paraphernalia 2) suspect marijuana residue in the piece and 3) the alcohol container (since im under age). so i have a court date tomorrow morning, and i couldnt get the fucking school attorney my parents signed me up for just in case because it's the weekend. so im going to go and plead not guilty to all charges and try to work something out with the attorney soon. this is my first charge of anything (no parking tickets, speeding tickets, anything)...
  2. how is that not legal? you broke the law, you got caught, shouldnt smoke in dorms... /thread
  3. I woulda tossed that shit out the window
  4. I would of bailed.
  5. You gave up. why?

  6. This. Should have knocked the fat RA out of your way and peaced.
  7. I would have said get the FUCK out of my way, ran past him and started my car and left with all my illegal shit. you would have been fine. now you're gonna get at least six months probation, there's no fighting it, don't waste the time and money.
  8. Should of head butted the fat fuck ra if he wasn't moving and bolted.
  9. [quote name='"brett119"']Should of head butted the fat fuck ra if he wasn't moving and bolted.[/quote]

    or that too
  10. If he hit the RA he'd me kicked out of college

  11. if hes on scholarships or any kind of financial aid he is fucked now. i woulda "tripped" and gotten around him somehow then it would be his word against yours and no illegal substances. you probably would have had better chances at beating a bs assault change than something you complied and gave up willingly

    my .02
  12. Yeah well I expected comments like this. Yeah it's easy to think of all the possibilities now, but in the heat of the moment all you can really do is comply with authority. I'm pretty sure, like the guy above me said, if I ran passed him or punched him or whatever I would have severe consequences with my school.
  13. And not to mention the absolute obvious. I had just smoked a huge bowl 20 minutes prior. I'm not about to go WWE on this fuck.
  14. If the RA or w/e the fuck he was WASNT MOVING, you should of just been like excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, and just keep getting louder and louder. then slip by and peace.

    really, your the stupid one. what kind of person would think smoking in a dorm is A GOOD idea? blame yourself, your friends and your stupidity. have fun with probation *wave*
  15. getting caught is a stressful, long process. no one should be calling OP names like stupid, he made a mistake, we all do. man all you can do is wait it out, I'd give it another year or so until you can peacefully blaze again just wait it out man, it's not so bad, just boring. and going that long without herb makes you a little ignorant (at least it happened to me) but it feels amazing gaining your freedom back, I still cherish mine and I got off probo 6 months ago
  16. That's a cool story of what you would have done bro. And yeah.. I did that in a way. I said excuse me multiple times and he refused.
    I was extremely stupid for the fact that I smoked in my room. I know that buddy. I'm glad it happened in way. I'm just going to stop smoking. This wont float well with any of you but: for me, I don't it is worth the money or the risk to smoke something that just helps you escape reality for 2.5 hours. You can have just as enjoyable experiences for free. It took me 2 years of smoking nearly every day to realize it (the 3 misdemeanors helped too).
  17. Op was ripped high during this entire episode. I can understand the reaction a little more now.
  18. [quote name='"makinthelul420"']Op was ripped high during this entire episode. I can understand the reaction a little more now.[/quote]

    hell yea when I got flicked last time I was on 2 bars, a brownie and 4 blunts I just complied to everything completely.
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    whoops I don't don't how delete a double post from an iPhone I'm too high
  20. You should've eaten the bubbler

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