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  1. Hey all, just wanting to see if anyone has knowledge or advice to improve upon my super soil recipe. My idea is to have an extremely broad input and mega dense nutrient structure, this is what I use(no need for weights and batches)

    Alfalfa meal
    Coconut meal
    Crustacean blend
    Fish & Bone Meal
    Glacial Rock Dust
    Kelp meal
    Mineralised Phosphate Powder (bat guano)
    Neem meal
    Soybean Meal
    Volcanic rock dust
    Black Basalt Dust
    Diatomaceous Earth (powder and ball/prill)
    Onyx prills(dry molasses)
    Seabird Guano
    Soft rock Phosphate
    Worm castings
    Cow manure
    Chicken manure
    Insect Frass
    Blood and Bone
    Scoop of life out of the veggie patch, for good luck.
    Potash(when blooming)

    Anything else I can add to this mix would be good. Make it more broad and dense Would be awesome cheers
  2. I'm no expert, but looks good to me. You could maybe add greensand for extra variety.
    "greensand is a material from the ocean floor that is mined to be used as a soil conditioner or fertilizer.
    It has a bluish-green color and is made of marine potash, silica, iron oxide, magnesia, lime, phosphoric acid, and about 30 other trace minerals"
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  4. You forgot the kitchen sink....
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  6. Where can I find it in aus?
    Can only seem to find very small amounts being sold as hermit crab food
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    You don't need multiple manures, or every rock dust to cover everything Using less than half of what you have listed would be sufficient in correct amounts.

    Off topic but unless you're continually using the same soil, greensand is not needed. If you're reusing soil it can be beneficial as it takes around a year to start breaking down ( 12- 14 months ), and up to 5 years to be completely broken down.
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  9. A few freebies. Crushed egg shells, spent tea leaves, coffee grounds.
  10. Those go better in a worm bin, or compost pile. Imo
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  11. I do reuse the soil until there are too many roots then it heads off to the veggie patch.
    Most of the rock based minerals take up to 5 years to completely break down too, I generally cook a batch of new soil for six months while growing green manure like mustard or marigolds sometimes lucerne/alfalfa(depends on your part of the globe) or fenugreek or a leguminous fabiace.
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  12. I used to use a super elaborate mix with almost as many items as you list. It worked great. Then I made it real simple and it still worked great. Originally I thought exactly like you state. I wanted a really diverse mix, I wanted staggered and continuous release of everything. It’s really just overkill.
    Bone meal or Fishbone meal has all the phosphorus you need. You don’t need rock phosphate and a couple guanos.
    Same thing goes for rock dust. Glacier rock dust is plenty. You don’t need azomite, volcanic rock dust, black basalt dust, palagonite, glauconite.
    Let’s be honest, that’s a lot of money to throw around.
    I would stick with something simple like the no till recipe plus fish bone meal.
    Then use stuff like alfalfa meal, soy meal, and fish meal as top dresses.
    I’m not discouraging you. I find making elaborate mixes quite fun. Time and money should be a consideration though.
    I actually use a real wide range of amendments between my cannabis and other gardening. With outside gardening I’ve had to experiment with a really wide range of things to find what the bears won’t bother. That’s where I do use soft rock phosphate instead of bonemeal. Lots of that type of thing.
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