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Is This Enough Weed In The Peanut Butter? (Firecrackers)

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by MrGoatington, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. So I'm trying to do the best I can to make the most efficient firecrackers, this is currently what my peanut butter looks like, more peanut butter and more weed, just more weed, just more peanut butter? What should I do? Doing this right now so the faster you reply the better.

    I got a few pinches of grinded weed and a chunk of vaped in there.

    Peanut Butter
  2. Looks fine to me, tho I just took my first bath ever out of the oven andim saving them for breakfast. I guess we'll both be finding out soon. :smoking:
  3. I should really stop making threads I'm too impatient to wait for. Added a little more and put it on the crackers. Letting them sit and get a little more potent while I wait for my mom to go to sleep.

  4. Are you eating them tonight or in the morning like me? :smoke:

  5. I'll probably finish and eat them tonight.

  6. Tell me how it goes!!
  7. Subbed!

    Whats your experience with edibles?

  8. I tried making firecrackers with stick pretzels, didn't really feel it, only cooked it for 20 minutes on 300 though.

    Then yesterday I tried almond butter for something like 330 at 30 minutes. Ended up spreading the final product on toast, I noticed I felt it but it was no stronger than a typical high.

    NOW... hopefully this comes out as the best yet. I got real cinnamon sugar graham crackers and I think I put a good amount of weed in it, something that was probably my problem before (I have a 7 month daily smoking tolerance). So now that I'm awake from my little nap, I threw the two firecrackers I just made in the oven for around 340 at 25 minutes, 2 minutes so the oven can try to get some temperature back from being open, so typically 23 minutes.. just because that's what I have heard.

    Since I had time, they were able to sit for a solid 4+ hours before now being put in the oven.

    Going to be careful since I have super limited experience with edibles, going to eat an entire one and wait and see what happens before I eat the other. And I'll be completely sober during this so I know exactly how good it affects me.

    They have 17 minutes left, will update you on how they look and how they taste then and then an hour later I will update again on effects of eating one.
  9. Alright, just got them, here are what they look like

    They don't taste that bad, the sugar and cinnamon helps. They seem pretty strong. Will update at 2:45, earlier if it happens earlier.
  10. 3 in the morning now and don't feel significantly different, feeling it a little bit. If there's nothing by 3:45 I'm getting my smoke on and going to forget about edibles for a while, not worth the effort or weed.
  11. If you want good edibles youve gotta process it good. First you need to decarb, I heat my weed for 10 minutes at 225. Forget about things like firecrackers, they are a waste, but well made canna oil in something tasty is way worth it.
  12. In my opinion, edibles aren't too great if you're looking to get "stoned." Eating them late at night probably isn't the best use cause the high is so different. I bet your firecrackers came out fine it was just the environment that constricted the high. Edibles are definitely a day thing for me; it's like you can just be really happy and in a good mood from the body high and no one can tell that you're even high. You gotta just accept it as a new experience, cause if you eat your weed and are just sitting there expecting and waiting for that high to come one, you know the one you get from smoking, you're gonna be disappointed

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