Is this enough nutrients?

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  1. im a little over a week in veg, and bit on a budget. so my choices are limited. i bought whatever i had in my local Home Depot. some sunshine potting mix 16qt's. not bad stuff to be honest. but i'm wondering if i bought enough nutrients to keep my plant healthy and strong for a nice harvest.

    Alaska Pennington. Pure Kelp Plant Food
    DR. EARTH organics Home Grown Tomato, Vegetable and Herb Dry Fertilizer 4-6-3

    will my plant have any nutrient deficiencies?
    for flower i was going to use.
    Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro. (would of gotten earlier but lack of funds and have to order online)

    I'm a newbie so any help is appreciated.
    also using all cfl's (x8 23w mix of 2700k and 6500k) if that effects anything
  2. Better stay away from the nutrients until you give your plants time to root in well and mature some. They need time to use up most of the nutrients that came in your soil. Most store brand soils are loaded with nutrients because they're cheaper than putting together a decent mix. But no young plant needs fed nutes unless you want to burn them. Do some reading on feeding the plant. To use them effectively, you need to understand what the plant wants and when it wants it. Also, they use some more than others at different points in their life cycles. Read up on how to take care of your plant...watering especially. Most new growers water their plants to death. The more research you do (from reliable sources), the easier time you will have on your first run. But going in blind as a bat with no basic info tends to make things much more stressful...for grower and plant. Do your homework and you'll have a better outcome. Best of luck. TWW
  3. cubes. all those lights are for one plant lol. wanted a decent harvest because im only growing one plant. so i wanted to make sure it wasn't going to die from some deficiencies.
  4. i added a 1/4 of 1/4 because i moved my auto Northern lights from a 3qt to a 5 gal (i know your not supposed too, but had no choice.) also throw in like 3 squirts of water with kelp with a spray bottle. 2 days later its alive so i guessing im doing ok lol. im not over watering. i kept hearing that piece of advice and took it. my main concern is that im lacking some nutrient and that, that will bottle neck my plant from growing to its full potential. im only growing one plant so i want a decent harvest that'll last me till my next grow.
  5. Plants will tell you by there leafs if they need nutrients. Just watch the lower leafs when growing in soil. If the leafs start to yellow from the bottom, then you used most the nitrogen in the soil. Or certain other def like mag or calcium are apparent also. Main defs are nitrogen, calcium and magnesium.

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  6. Thanks for the tip! Didn't know that about the leafs. I knew the three basic one's just worried about becoming bottle necked. It would suck if for ex: you harvest 2oz but only because you lacked one nutrient. When you could of harvested 3oz.
  7. Well not enough nutrients is better then to much in any given circumstance. To much especially during flower can burn and stunt your plants. To little and you just add a little. With soil specifically its not all that easy to remove nutrients once you put them in the soil. So less is always better. Also having to flush in soil your plants tend to get waterlogged abit, which isn't good either but sometimes you have to flush if pH is off.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:

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