Is this Enough Light??

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  1. This is my first grow from bag seeds....i have my plants under 7 23w micro mini CFL bright white lights. They are giving off 1630 Lumens a piece and are 3500k on the light spectrum. Is this enough lighting for my 7 2 week old seedlings?( Once i determine the sex ill only be growing the females.) Im growing under my sink in the corner. I also have a 70w MH light (just the bulb), can i make a ballast to run that? Or do i have to buy one?? if so how much? and lastly i plan on puting in an additional 42 watt CFL light @ 2035 lumens & 6500k later to day. What do i need to do now??

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  2. should i add the MH or 42w CFL now or are they fine with just the 7 23w?

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  3. For now their fine, but the more light the better. if u can, add the 42 watt. As for the MH there are ways to make a ballast but IDK how. I would highly recommend getting a ballast, MH can make all the difference. peace
  4. Do you have 4 seedlings in one pot? Definitely looks like it.
  5. Yea one pot has 4 plants It the other only 3 have one a piece
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    You should move them into separate pots sooner rather than later.
  7. Thanks I'm getti ready to run to home depot now...what would size pot would you suggest for this size grow space? 20x24x34 ?? I don't want my plants To grow to large due to limited space

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