Is this enough light?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Baxter55, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. I'm growing two White Lady plants from the Sativa Seedbank that I got off from seedsdirect. I'm using a 22 watt flourescent grow light that I got at wal mart. Will this be enough for these two plants through all stages of growth?
  2. With such good seed genetics I think they deserve better lighting. Save up and buy hps, it will pay for itself in one grow.
    Best of luck.
  3. lol dude aint gonna cut it not even close as jimbo said get an hps
  4. Okay I'm just a college student. I can't afford an HPS. Would one of the 65 watt grow lamp bulbs work if combined with my flourescent?
  5. 65w fluro? that wud b a bit better... a 70w hps wud b better still, but not as good as a 250w hps and thats wot i'd b thinking of atleast. if u cant do that tho then get the extra 65w's in and running then as ur plants grow and u get bits of money just keep getting more fluros as and when u can. by the time it comes to flower u cud have 200 or 300w's in ur grow room and u shud get some gud bud with that.
  6. what works really good for the veg stage are coolwhite or daylite 4 ft flourescent tubes and there cheap but no matter how you look at it your gonna need the hps for the flowering I use a 430watt sunagro hps system and it works great for my grow room I have about a 4x4 room
  7. go to homedePOT the 4foot tubes are $5 40watts get 4 of them the fixtures for them are $15 you will need two so to start your only gonna pay $50 you can grow them like that for months until you can save up some cash to get an hps go with the 400watt i you have the space you can get them from $200 to$350 go figure the iraques are allready giving up in the north the war hasnt even started yet

    dude why do you have clothes in your closet
  8. I dont have any clothes in my closet.
    I guess I'll go pick up some of the 4ft flourescents after I sell my books back from this quarter.
    Thanks for the help guys.

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