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  1. Im running a small closet grow 5ft tall 3ft wide 3 ft deep with the walls coated in diamond sheeting. I've got 3 125w blue CFL's and 2 125w. red CFL's which will all be running on the plant for veg and flower. The Blue CFL's are hung so maximum light is reaching the middle of the plant and 1 red is on the ceiling and the other up from the bottom for maximum penetration, i am only growing 1 plant at the moment but intend to try three in the future. My question is 1. Is this sufficient light for 1 plant? and 2. Will it be enough for 3 small indicas?

    Thanks gc
  2. The rule of thumb is 100 watts per plant and 50 for every added one. You've got 625 watts running on 1 plant, then yeah, I'd say you're good. XD

    Now, if we're talking about equivalent watts, that's a different story. Pics of your set up please?
  3. Ive got 35,000 lumens in there and ive not got a camera at the moment but ill borrow a friends and get one up. The setups cheap and efficient it run me £350 about $550 us ive got the lights, good organic soil, flower and veg nutes, some seaweed extract, a carbon filter, a clip on fan and the diamond sheeting.
  4. You'll want to keep all of your cfl's within a couple inches from the plant. Any further away the light penetration diminishes exponentially.
  5. Yeah the Cfls are practically hanging in the plant haha thanks for the advice guys keep it coming, keen to learn :) also the humidity is at 45% should i leave it there or decrease it a bit?
  6. Oh and also im running 21 hours of light a days is 3 hours darkness sufficient?
  7. While vegging you can go 24 hours of light if you wanted to. But some people like to give their plants some rest. So yes, if you feel comfortable with 3 hours of sleep, that's fine. Personally, I give mine 24 hours of light until flowering.
  8. Sounds like a nice little setup you have there ;)

    Yeah mate, 21/3 is fine for veg :)
    Anywhere between 18/6 - 24/0.

    Once it's time to flower, switch the light over to 12/12 (12 hours light/12 hours dark) and let the magic happen :)

    Happy growing!
  9. I heard something about root development and darkness so i think im going to let them rest for this run and do you know of any short sativa dominant strains?
  10. One of the most prevalent characteristics of a Sativa is its tall height. You're not going to find any short Sativa dominants. Though you could try what I'm growing right now. It stays nice and short, but has a HIGH THC content. Check out my grow in my sig.
  11. Yeah it should be sufficient, good luck bud.
  12. Not so Mashiro, if you want some good Sativa dominant hybrids check out TGA's gear a real nice one is Vortex or even Dairy queen. Plus there is always lst

  13. Oh, my bad. I'm still a newbie at all this and I thought that all Sativas were tall. :p
  14. I was going to lst this one but decided to go pretty basic then try to improve each harvest, and im pretty sure i understand lst from the guides but is there much room for it to go wrong?
  15. I think lst is really easy myself, it's simple you bend it over then work the plant around the pot
  16. if you have 5 feet of height. you will have no problem veging to a 1foot plant

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