Is this enough light for this plant?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by stonehenge919, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. I am doing a closet grow using floros. I Have 135 watts total with a mix spectrum of Daylight floros, soft whites, and reds...The plant is 27 inches high and bushy as hell, i topped it once because it was close to dead when i found it tipped over in my yard destroyed by bugs so i move it inside. It is in its 3rd week of flowering now and the leaves are becoming covered with trichomes (AKA SUGAR) I Have 2 daylight lights above it and a soft white and one other which is tinted red. On the each side i have a 30 watt clamp light for the inner buds and small branches under the main cannopy. There is popcorn nugs growing all over the plant its insane. I was wondering if 135 watts of floros is enough light for my plant to yield heigh. Its 27 inches tall and 24 across the top of the cannopy.....Give me all ur advice and good ideas please and ill have pics soon to show u guys.

    Thanks alot
  2. i just went and checked on my plant and i noticed that some of the hairs are turning orange....Is this too early into budding for this to happen or do i have nothing to worry about? all i have right now is many pop corn buds, how long until they juice up?
  3. With a plant that size your gonna need a ton more lights. Get a few of the 42 watters and cover the thing with them.

    As for the popcorn like buds, it means your plant isnt getting enough light.

    Turning amber early is normal. There will be new growth soon. Word of advice: dont harvest by looking at the hairs. Grab a small microscope and look at the trics.
  4. thanks for the advice...i just went out and bought some more lights and some clamp lights with reflectors...I added 2 more 26watt soft whites and 1 26 watt Daylight and one more now im running about 185 watts mix spectrum...What do you think?
  5. sounds like plenty of light to me. i cant say much about the "popcornyness". i would have to see it to know. doesnt sound to unusual.
  6. its in its 3rd week of flowering and the nugs are just begining 2 form they have been in small balls allover the plant although the colas are juicing up quicker than the rest. The hairs on it are from an inch to a little over....

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