Is this enough for my seed to sprout?

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  1. I have Germinated the seed until the root was about half an inch long out of the seed and I just planted it today in some potting soil. I made a half inch deep hole and laid the Germinated seed carefully into the hole and lightly moved soil over the hole and patted it down lightly as well. After that I poured a water where the seed was planted and put it outside. I did not over water or under water the Germinated seed. I've done research and everywhere I look I see PH and Fertilizer. I'm wondering if I can just use a LED 60 Watt light bulb to grow one plant in my closet without all of the weird mixtures and PH levels to deal with. Any comments, tips, or advice on this is much appreciated!
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    you can skip the fertilizer as long as you have a high quality soil with a large enough NPK that can support her, if she runs out of nutrients and starts showing deficiencies, you can transplant her into some fresh soil. Fox Farms has some good soils. ocean forest, happy frog. i've heard a lot of good things about super soils if you'd want to look into that. i personally think you should order some Cal Mag+ and maybe just a grow fertilizer, don't have to get too fancy with it. id recommend Organic General Hydroponics. it's better to spend $30 and be prepared then not be able to fix the problem in a timely manner. as for PH, i always PH, but many don't! you can just water her from your tap and see how it goes, you could have 0 problems. i don't think it's very much work to at least order a $10 PH pen to check your tap so you know what you're giving her and be able to check run off. again, better to be prepared. if problems arise, you would have no way of checking if it's the PH. you don't have very much light with that 60 watt LED, so expect some stretch and not much yield. maybe get some CFLs to add in there on top, and maybe some for side lighting? good luck!

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  4. What you get out of a plant depends on what you put into it. You might get a plant to live, but you'll certainly never get one to produce anything with a 60 watt LED. Plant growth requires light...and a lot of it. It has to be a high enough wattage to force the plant to produce, otherwise it just spends it life stretching trying to find more light. I suggest you do more research or get a better source. Putting together a closet grow can be done without being terribly expensive, but to get anything that is going to actually produce something for all your effort, there is going to be some initial way around it. Hint: The soil mix necessary to grow these plants and keep them healthy has to be VERY light and arid. They hate the roots sitting in wet soil all the time and most soils are too dense and will retain water instead of allowing it to drain away. It's also very risky moving plants from outdoor to inside because of the possibility of bringing pests in with the plant. The most important element in the indoor grow setup is lighting...and it needs to be there for every single plant you grow. Too many people decide how many to run according to available space when you make that call according to the available light you have. I said above, you need to go do some more research before you try and spend a dime or honestly, even need to get a plant. Need to know how to take care of one before you start any or you'll be behind the 8 ball from the get go. TWW

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