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is this enough for a join? (picture)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by THCraving, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415911857.167941.jpg

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  2. yeah just use half the paper champ.
  3. Pinner or stub.
  4. Skinny for sure but itll do the job no stress .. 
  5. For me it's take 0.55g to make a J. That seem like enough imo 
  6. make a firecracker and be happy
    This sir, or pack it in the bong if you have one
  8. Put another nug or to boa

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    Put another nug or 2** Boa

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  9. Omg i done been listening to him!!!!

    Money, bands, rico story, flexin and finnesin, lonely, yo racks, all i know, etc those are my favs though

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  10. daily toker huh. Damn man I couldn't handle all that in a joint.

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  11. That'll be a tiny joint!
  12. .

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  13. love rico story
  14. I hope your dick is bigger than this maan.
  15. I could roll two joints out of that. Really small joints that taste like paper the first couple of hits but, joints just the same. If I'm smoking by myself and I'm really low on weed, sometimes I roll pinners to make my supply last longer.
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    yes it does. i like to roll pinner joints because it saves my weed and lowers my tolerence. not to mention, it's easier to smoke a pinner joint in public rather than a fat joint that I couldn't finish
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  18. i usually use that amount plus some tabbaco

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