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Is this enough for a 30 bag?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ThreeTwoZero, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. Bought this for 30 euro, apparently it's skunk, it smells great, like any other weed. It's pretty dense, not sure how much it weighs though. Sorry for bluriness, was using phone camera. That's 11 cm btw.

  2. uhh. how much is a 30 bag suposto be?
  3. If yer in Ireland that looks about right for a €30 bag sadly...
  4. Yeah i'm in Dublin.
  5. #5 :-), Jul 25, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 25, 2009
    30 Euro's worth.

    Which is about $40-$45 USD. I really don't know how much weed goes for in Europe, but I can tell you that you should always buy in weight (1/8s, quarters, half Os, etc.) so you know exactly how much you're spending per gram. When you just give the dealer money, it's their discretion how much you get.
  6. If it's as good as it smells then it looks good to me.

    Not like you got completely ripped, you have to pay for the good stuff.
  7. Pretty sure 30 Euros is more like 40-45 USD. But yea, you should buy according to weights, not cash amounts, unless of course its a dime/dub sack.

    How the fuck you know how it smells? lol...?

    But seriously...

  8. This high ass mother fucker has no idea what he is talking about...
  9. Because he said it smells great.

    Learn to read dumbfucks.

    No wonder people think pot makes you stupid, a lot of stupid people use it.
  10. have got some strong fucking hate in you don't you? That's what I like to see in any human being!

    By the way your avatar is pretty fucking funny...
  11. Well I'll be damned, you're right.

    Gotta admit though, foreign currency trade rates isn't my strong suit. Edited for accuracy.
  12. Well people kept ripping for talking about it's smell.

    The guy flat out said that it smells great.

    I'm assuming that since he's bought before he knows what good pot smells like.
  13. Yeah, the last weed I bought was fucking amazing:

  14. thats some fucking chronic....I would know I am the chronicman

    i want some of that
  15. holy shit that is some dense shiny ass weed. fire fa sho.
  16. So how much do I need to get high with my skunk, half a bowl or what? There's not much of it so I dont want to waste it.
  17. u get a 11cm line of grinded bud for 45 dollars? that sux man but if its chron have like 5 cm

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