Is this enough for 2 plants?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TravisFowler, May 31, 2009.

  1. Will be doing 12/12 from seed.

  2. It doesn't look like enough to me I'm afraid, the recommendation is 100 watts for one plant, with an extra 50w for each additional plant. If you're certain about doing 12/12 from seed, then I'd get two Y-splitters, two extra bulbs (I'm assuming you're using 42w CFL's) and let 'er rip!

  3. 100 watts each?? these plants will only be around 8-12 inches tall.

    They need that much to flower?

  4. roughly, it can be done with lower wat but you want to try those y adapters. they are only a few bux.

    lower wat means lesser dence bud and less growth in veg, but all can argue that. 100w is a good rule of thumb.

    12/12 isnt the best idea for less then 3 week old plants. 3 weeks is the time where it grows to become a strong plant. the wrong schedual could stress the poor thing. i am sure some one could tell you different.
    unless its an autoflowering. keep it 24/0 or 18/6

    the lights are definantly to far away. if more then 3 inches then streaching will definantly occure. cfl are very weak once you pass about 3 inches and the plants push themselves far up to reach the brighter light. cfl glass doesnt get hot, its the ceramic base that does. so keep the fan on them nice and keep temp below 90, 75-85 is best.

    o and dont water them to much you'll kill them like i did ;) use plastic wrap on top of them to keep in all moisture reduceing watering to vertualy nothng. @ least for the first week

  5. Thank you thank you. Im going to do 12/12 from seed tho. Ive seen many results. Im also going to strees test the plant.

  6. well then there you go :) you know what your doing so keep doing it!
    just making sure you had the right info heh.
  7. Yup, seems like you're on the right track bud, best of luck!
  8. i dont know why ppl buy 10 cfs when you can buy say an hps yardlight kit for 50 buks with 150 watts and use it for flower and veg
  9. can you plug in those yardlights or do you have to wire them yourself

  10. Because 1 HPS produces probably like 30-40 cfl's

    People use cfl's for stealth grows. They don't get hot at all. Plus they can veg and flower.
  11. Plus cheap, long lasting and no gigantic ballast!
  12. This :) And i had some laying around. This is what determined me into making this grow box. Once they sprout I'm going to make a grow profile.
  13. Cool, I'll definitley take a look when you do!

  14. Thank you very much.

    I had a plant sprout a while ago and when it came up it was like totally yellow? Any help?

    I think it was because it was in a can with no holes in the bottom for drainage. Or i over watered it
  15. That's a strange're right a can with no holes would very soon lead to overwatering but that shouldn't turn a plant yellow. I'd say it was maybe PH or a reaction to something in the soil. I'm not sure, I've only been growing a fortnight!

    BTW what's stress testing a plant? Is it like LST?

  16. I think i ment LST. Im gonna tie it down once it starts getting big.

    But yea the plant was like a light yellow not green.

    It was in regular top soil so I dont know.

    Hopefully my new ones do'nt do that.

    The box was getting really hot to because i had some shitty light in it.

    I think im going to turn the fan on 1. then when they sprout 2 and when they are 6 inches 3.
  17. Bingo! Light burn. Happened to one of mine last week!luckily it was a week old and has now recovered. Check it out if you like:
  18. They should be awesome, there's a lot of people on here growing nice dank buds with CFLs, take a look through the indoor journals when you get a chance.
    Remember the most important things,
    1) Lights
    2) Air Exchange & Circulation
    3) Temperature
    4) Humidity
    If you have complete control over these variables, any other setbacks or issues you may have are much easier to deal with.

    However, as my buddy AzureBlue always says:
    "To discover new methods of growing the marijuana cultivator MUST experiment and through FAILURE learn MORE!"
    - The Cannabis Grow Bible
    It's a shame but it's true, you learn much more by solving a problem than you'd know if you never had it.
  19. You need to wire them yourself. And to all you little gangster growers out there with no money. The lights that light signs up from the ground are usually 75 watt HPS lamps.(or bigger) Get some leather gloves some wire clippers and u got some brand new grow lights. Not that I would ever advocate anyone ever doing something like that. Not all of them are HPS also but you can tell by the yellowish glow and the bulb in the fixture. I saw a good 75 Watt hps lamp at home depo for around 68 sollars.

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