Is this enough BTUs of AC?

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  1. OK so I have a 13x15 sized room that I want to put 4 air cooled HPSs in. Ill be drawing air from the outside through the lights then out another window outside so they will be sealed from the grow im most likely going to be getting a co2 burner so that will cause some extra heat also. Next to my grow will be a veg room with 2 1000 watt MHs with a c02 burner. So my question is do you think a 7000 BTU AC could keep my flowering room at say 78 to 80? Also Im going to be running my lights at night.
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    a BIG NO, for this size of room, you will need a wall AC at least 12 000 btu,,, and you still need to get away the hot air the AC is doing.

    if its portable a 7000 would not be enough
    if its wall mounted , then maybe 8000 but and over

    i have a 9000 portable 3 in 1,, for 3000watt room is about 14 x 7 and it work well
    it will also depend on the brand, cheaper is it, less you have cold air from it.

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