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Is This Dub

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by stoned4bed, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. #1 stoned4bed, Jun 7, 2013
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    Is this dub? I got new bong for $40 plus $10 shipping just for fun of it, give me feedback on both questions. But anyways i was dry for a long time and i just got a new dealer n prob the only dealer so is this good fot $20
    I kno sorry newbie question amd sorry for the annoying grammar and spelling mistakes
    And if u cant tell, would you buy it? _
    Its dank and its pretty dense and tight
    Bout to go.jack off and also
    Nice little funny pic if u guys dont like what youve just read. Enjoy guys! Feedbacks would be good.

    Yeah that nug was def .5grans i could tell long it lasted me.
    Newest pic is of 2 nugs
    I had 4 other nugs like those NOT INCLUDING the 2 in the picture so i got good sack this time. Weighted out yo be 1.4

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  2. Looks like a dime to me
  3. What the fuck? 
  4. Thanks for feedback any more? Ill take.q hit an report bak, dude said its was dank ish
    28% thc
  5. #6 stoned4bed, Jun 7, 2013
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    I think they smoked this shit,
    Cud wen i was in the car and they let me rio mini bong and im still little high from 2 hrs ago

    Off of 1 hit!!! Little one to becuz i didnt want to be a dick you cashes the shit :D
  6. wait is that what you bought for a dub? or leftovers from a smoked dub? if you bought that for a dub you might want to reconsider your dealer, but is some loud though.
  7. I'm just going to make an educated guess and say that's .6-.9 depending on the density. Probably closer to .6-.7.
  8. btw, nice bong for the price
  9. Yah shits pretty good, thanks for replys and thanks for compliement on my bong!

    But yah like i.said its hard to get dealer out here thats good and not many dealers. Ill prob just say if he can put a little exyra becuz last time was a little light or something
  10. get a scale
  11. I love how people say their bud is a certain % of thc, LOL fucking idiots...
    ^ This.
  13. I would get a scale if you plan on being a regular smoker, there only 20-30 dollars and just bring it to your dealer when you go to buy from him. Make him weigh it in front of you, he can't get mad so don't worry. It looks a little light but no one can tell from a picture so find out for yourself next time. It looks pretty nice though, 28% THC is highly unlikely don't believe everything you hear they just want your money.
  14. if you serious you only get anything that will calibrate too 0.01 :] 
  15. What is honestly the difference between 9.99 and 10?  You gonna smoke that .01?
  16. Sorry for the assumption that most people here aren't just playing with a gram. If you have what that guy has in your hand sure thing go with his suggestion! 
  17. No, this is Patrick.
    Dear lord are you really being serious?
    If the scale calibrated to .01, then the next lowest calibration would be .1, so it would be the differeance between .9g and 1g.  And yes, I would totally smoke that .1g as that's like a bowl full. 

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