Is this done

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  1. I think I am real close sometimes I have a hard time telling if they are Cloudy or clear what do you guys think

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  2. Is it close
  3. Yep couple patient you'll be glad you did
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  4. I have a horrible time figuring out if it's cloudy or just blurry have you ever had that problem. This isn't my first grow...I just find it so hard to tell or maybe I am just over paranoid
  5. Can't say I relate bro. Was growing before harvesting by trics was a big thing. Learning about tric development was just icing on the cake
  6. Like killset said it's not the end of the world.... however I bought my loupe for 6.50 on eBay got it within 3 days and it works great a hell of a lot better than my 30x's. Connects to my iphone would be worth looking into a diffferent loupe that's 60x-100x [​IMG][​IMG]

    Grow journal
  7. They all look very clear to me right now, I've not seen any trichs myself, but I think it's something that you'll know when you see it. Robbs pics captured amber trichs so you know what to be looking for

    Check out my first grow log:

    First ever grow: How do the girls look?
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