Is this dock?

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  1. Can I get some help id-ing this plant? is it dock? or anything worth using to top dress my veggie garden?
    toaster IMG_20180525_203923.jpg IMG_20180525_203913.jpg
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    Yep. It is Burdock. Dynamic accumulator of P and K
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  3. Awesome thank you!
  4. Wow cool. I found this plant right next to my stinging nettles near my raised bed the other day. Accidentally got stung by the nettle, rubbed the burdock on the sting and no more reaction. I was looking for this plant last year, but it must not have been big enough to id. It and the nettles have been juiced from being near the bed and lots of thunder this year. Awesome to hear that it is a P dynamic accumulator because not many plants are.
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  5. Be advised! These are a two year plant. The first year is all leaf and plant growth. The second year it produces the burs (bur-dock). If you have outdoor pets with long hair, remove them now.
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  6. Dynamic accumulator of P and K. What does this mean? High in these two ?
  7. Pulls it from the soil (deep down in the ground as it has deep roots) and accumulates it in the plant. Harvest the plant leaves and add to your compost pile!
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  8. Shortly after I started this thread, I was in an asian market and saw this 3-foot root in the produce section. Turns out it's burdock root. Burdock.jpg
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  9. Is there an idding plant guide? I found these healthy plants I'm not sure if they're worth using.
    They are BIG and they are everywhere where I live.

    I was thinking about shredding them and alternative wood mulch with that in a new raised bed I built.
    Or maybe make fermented plant juice, or simply give it to my worms?

    Sorry guys, I feel like this is not the right thread to put this into.

    I found what type of plant it is so I will make a topic and see if any other users have experience with this plant.

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  10. They are Ferns; let them be. They are very old, very special.
  11. I should take a video and show you how many of these Ferns are. I mean, they are literally thousands aligned.
  12. I understand; I live in a temperature rainforest myself; but I don't recommended harvesting ferns. Better off gathering dandelion and plantain. Yarrow perhaps?
  13. Here is a listing I picked up off the web that tells what plants are biodynamic accumulators and what they are good for. If you want to know what each looks like and where to find them, google it like I did.

    Dynamic accumulators.jpg
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  14. Found an even better, more encompassing list from Oregon State...

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  15. Pig root/weed looks mint for flowering

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