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is this defined as a trip?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NewToToking, May 17, 2010.

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    well mainly first off my whole goal for smoking marijuana was to experience this trip everyone is talkign about and i think i just got my first real trip well let me describe it.

    im on the bus (this is in san diego) and im listening to dubstep and i cant keep my eyes open so i close them. and all of a sudden i see an image an outline of what i saw before i closed my eyes. but everything is all blue and its outlined blue. and im like wtf so i open my eyes again and i look out the bus window and just see trees and stuff (things that you would regullary see when looking out a window) and i close my eyes again and i just imagined everything again turning blue and outlined. and with my songs it has alot of base to it so with every wobble i would see the image outside the bus window on the corner of my vision raising up and down like stereos. the things when its really loud or soft the bars raise up and down.
    X ...X ..X
    X X X ..X .X
    X X X X X X thing. and every X was the image of the window of the bus. idk what the name is for it. but anyway for about an hour i was going through this and im just wondering is that what a trip really is?
  2. no thats not a trip.. you cant trip off of weed. you had cev's. ( close eyed visuals )
  3. that's not a trip - that happens to me everytime I close my eyes. Whatever I was just looking at stays in my mind.
  4. u did not "trip" by any means. i have had some really vivid closed eye visuals that seem to stick around a lil bit after i open my eyes. i thought that shit was gnarly then i ate an eigth of goomers and HOLYFUCKINGSHIT marijuana closed eye visuals seem like kids games to that shit. u said u were lookin for a trip from buds but if u r really lookin for a trip mushrooms are your golden ticket. i wanted a trip too and was kinda scared to take mushrooms in fear of a bad trip and i had only very euphoric good hallucinations and feelings.
  5. no trip. a trip is when you've eaten some hallucinogens dude. haha go buy a bag of mushrooms. then you'll know.
  6. Not a trip. But it´s cool anyway :hello:
    I have those nearly everytime i close my eyes, especially when im tired. (High or not)
  7. that probably happens to you all the time, you just might not notice it. and when you were relaxed and high, you noticed it more and your mind probably wanted to blame it on the weed. you werent tripping, though.
  8. Like everyone here said, that's a high but not a trip. From experience you'll know when you're trippin lol. For example, the following story is a trip (off shrooms).

    (once they kick in) - Your body starts to feel extremely heavy, even movin your arm up and down takes significant concentration. Then you look around, and shadows start to be manipulated (shadows will start to change shape, start to have a huge influence on what you see). Then you look at your hands, and all the creases and veins start to course visibly, and your palm may look like it's breathing (like a chest would heave in and out when breathing). Then after a while things will start to sag downwards, almost like the'yre liquifying, and begin to move. Then shadows will begin to create psychadelic images and occasionally colours, and you'll lose mindfullness of reality. Soon all your attention will be on the world around you, as your world just became a fantasy. Then comes my favourite part of a trip, the philosophical thought patterns. You'll think and contemplate things you'd never imagine sober, and even the most minute things and life forms begin to have a greater meaning, sometimes to the point that even a mundane thing such as a blade of grass can seem like the most significant thing you've ever seen.

    A trip isn't usually just visuals, although that's a huge part, but the way a trip effects your brain is the reasoning behind the word "tripping", because it has a large effect on the way you take in and process information.

    All open eye of course.

    Hope this helps :)

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