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Is this dank?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LemonSauce, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. got some stuff from a new guy today, not too stemmy/seedy, smells pretty potent. somewhat dry/sticky which I hear is generally good. paid about $20 for this dub and it seems solid but I'm still an amateur so what do you guys think?

  2. Ehh. Looks alright, all that really matters is how high you get haha.
  3. Sure, why not?:cool:
  4. You got jipped really bad :/ That looks like a nick sack of some high mids :/ Down here in florida thats worth about $5.
  5. we live up north by NY were shit gets quite expensive so the price really comes with the region. my brother lives in florida and i know prices there are much easier on the wallet then they are farther up
  6. I wouldn't want to pay 20 a gram for that. And that looks like a half gram.

    At least you got weed.:smoke:
  7. Well shit if the bud in NY is expensive and this gets you high then I say its worth it mate ^..^
  8. You paid 20 for that? That's half a bowl bro
  9. Looks dank, but definitely on the lower end. But yeah, that doesn't even look like a gram so I think you got ripped off.
  10. Looks pretty good, how much is it? Looks little short of a g?

  11. Completely unrelated, but I like this avatar progression you guys have going on here.
  12. its gonna get u high no doubt but i wouldnt have paid over 10 dollars a gram as it is not dank.
  13. Thats your average New England dub. .8 of a gram. It looks decent, not bad but not fire. Go smoke it.
  14. you got chinced a little bud:(
  15. Average looking grass but nothing to write home about.
  16. you got ripped off bro.
  17. Quality looks to be at least decent but that doesn't look like a gram which is what you should be getting in a dub.
  18. That looks like hay weed
  19. its kb, i can see its frosty.

    However, if you paid $20 for only those 2 small buds, then you got ripped. You should have at least a couple more small buds like that.
  20. that doesn't even look like a g

    i hope that's not all of it

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