Is This Cool? Or Am I Just Ripped?

Discussion in 'General' started by Imyou, Nov 6, 2014.


  2. my co worker has a motorola 360 and it's badass

  3. Tf you mean "Is it cool"... I personally own a Galaxy Smartwatch nd they're freakin awesome. Honestly there are millions of uses for it. Nd you won't be glued to technology, if anything it reduces the time spent on phones because I'm not constantly checking for messages, notifications, or even change the track on my media player! If you're interested in one, buy it, there not going anywhere.. All the major brands have them, including apple! Oh nd yeah the moto 360 looks amazing!
  4. I'd rather have a mechanical watch, but I do think these 'smart-watches' are nifty. Cool pieces of technology, but utterly useless for me personally. 

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