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Is this considered good looking bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dunning99, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414801195.665990.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414801209.649612.jpg

    I'm just curious

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  2. Looks like beasters, could be dank though have you tried smoking it? 
  3. Sorry man.  No.
    But it don't gotta look pretty to do the job! Smoke it and enjoy it for what it is. :smoking:
  4. looks are really only part of what makes "good" cannabis. Have you ever heard of show bud? it looks like perfect weed but doesn't do much at all.
    how does it smoke and is it harsh or smooth? how much does it take to get effect? what are the effects? does it taste and smell good? is it dense? is it dried and cured properly? and ultimately what is the price?
  5. that's a 5 bag of mids lol
  6. Looks compressed but better than shake. 
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    I've had way better I just wanted opinions lol this stuff was way better and yeah i know acrylic grinders are bad but I upgraded to that metal 3 piece.
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414803282.104254.jpg

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  8. Nice a$$ grinder

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  9. I'm liking the grinder man, the dank really speeds on how it smells and smokes though! Your going to have to let us know.

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    That looks to be around a gram of mids. I wouldn't mind paying 3-5 dollars a G of that if I were dry and had no connects for dank.

    Btw, is that grinder built hidden in to the beer can? Haha
  11. Maybe in SoCal. Around here I'd pay 10 a G for that, wouldn't mind a bit.
  12. ^ Agreed, location is a huge factor as far as drug prices, availability, and quality goes. If I had no other choice, I would be stoked to pay $10 a G for that. It is weed, after all, and if it gets you high then it's all good.
  13. Aye. It looks like it'd be fairly good weed, too. Somebody else said looks compressed.. It looks like it was vac packed, but not compressed.
  14. Yeah, it only looks a bit compressed from the possible vaccum pack, but as far speculating as it being good weed (as far as mids go), we would need a nice macro picture at the very least.

    OP, I would look in to other people you know in your area that sell better weed. When I was buying weed on the street, I woild always look and ask for better quality from the three people I bought from, and they accomodated me when they realized I was serious about only buying conneisuer quality herb.
  15. I would definitely keep him as a backup in case of absolutely nothing else being available though, I don't recall what he paid if I saw that. Could definitely have been worse bud.
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    This is true, I meant more along the lines of letting the same guy jnow that he's looking for top shelf quality. Its worth a shot to ask around his friends for alternatives as well...
  17. Oh, I'd go straight to the guy and say I liked that last stuff. It was some good mids, but do you have anything high grade?
  18. Give respect and be honest, and they'll treat you the same. Good luck, OP, and happy toking! :)
  19. Exactly!

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