Is this considered BIG? Sprouted on Dec 29th.....L@@K

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by aerogardenguy, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Wanted to know if this is considered a good bushy size for two plants that sprouted on the 29th of Dec. Cant really see the one in the back but also has some weird brown spots.

  2. i dont c any pic
  3. wait it works... yeah a lil above average from my experience. maybe a couple 4 days ahead of my usual.
  4. Doesn't look too huge for a 2 week old plant.

    I will tell you that in my experience plants that out grow their siblings in the same environment tend to be male. Nothing scientific here, just practical experience.

    Good luck.
  5. Well the one in the front is a different seed my buddy got with some femmed seeds from a seedbank. But that was what I was thinking. MALE! I hope not. We'll see.
  6. I hate to agree, but I do. More than likely male. If not, you better have a celebratory J ready when she shows pre-flowers.
  7. the brown spots could be heat damage. check your temps and runoff pH
  8. thanks for the advice on the heat/ph... i think it is the ph because i had a water ph problem a few days ago. 6.9 down to 4.5 back up to stable 5.7. Hope she will recover ok and didnt get any type of lock out.
  9. ph almost for sure just looking at it.....looks just like my plants did 1 week ago....and they had a ph def.
  10. what was your fix? I got my ph to stay stable at 5.7 now. Do you suggest anything else? Water change will be this Saturday.
  11. well what i did was ph adjust sink water and i put it on my plants.......even though i ph adjusted it the water was still fucking my plants up....i even let it sit for 5 days to evaporate the chlorine. so what i did was put some pots outside to catch rain water(i live in spain).....the rain water fixed it all for me....but when i dont have rain water i use bottled water and depending on what brand it is i will ph adjust it.......sometimes sink water just sucks even when its ph adjusted. lol after i saw what it did to my plants i refuse to drink it too lol.

    oh btw im a soil grower.

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