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Is This Considered Abusing Weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by vap3dg00ds, Jun 6, 2013.

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    If I vaporize every night before bed time after everything has been done for the day for about a year or so?
    I know some of you have smoked for years and am just asking for advice.

    i wanna try a vaperizer..
    anyways i smoke everyday all day if i can. it got so bad my bf would take the weed to work for him so i wouldnt smoke it all.
    got a 8th last saturday, smoked it all by yesterday,
    idk do u have a problem?
    do i have a problem?
    or is it the rest of the world who doesnt toke that has a problem?
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    Absolutely not. It's not considered abusing alcohol by having a few beers at the end of the day.

    There are smokers out there going through an eighth a day, you're far from abusing marijuana my friend.
  4. Yeah I go through a dime to a gram a day, so you could be a lot worse. Hell, even with the amount I smoke I wouldn't say I'm abusing it.

    Lets see my weekday schedule:
    1) Bowl after work- Always
    2) Possible second bowl after work- At least 3-4 times a week
    3) Bowl with my girlfriend an hour or so after work- Always
    4) Possible second bowl with my girlfriend- Almost always
    5) Possible third bowl with girlfriend- At least 2 times a week
    6) Bowl before bed- Always

    My weekends....even more.

    So you could be worse. 
  5. I would say abusing weed is more like somebody who will be high all day just for the sake of it, like they can't go anywhere without their stash. It's different if you wanna to relax and be high all day, that's what i do. It's kinda like the difference between potheads and stoners.
    And no matter who you are, there's always someone who smokes more than you.
  6. Is it altering your life in a negative way? If not, then no. Imo
  7. I don't see how a supposed "seasoned toker" would even ask a question like this, tell me OP. 
  8. abusing, no. think of people (i know some) that just smoke throughout the day, everyday.
    you dont think a car is abused on a daily basis when driven right?
    idk. I guess you gotta decide for yourself. Always the best way.
  9. I do the same thing. I don't see it as "abusing" marijuana at all, but it really depends on the person and what marijuana does for you. 
    Vaporizing marijuana really isn't hazardous at all to your health, so I'd only consider it "abuse" if it's negatively effecting your personal life. 
  10. Do you mean abusing it as in using a vape instead of smoking it

    Ill be back in an hour or so
    I'm going to where the pretty flowers grow

    I don't know anyone that smokes this amount of weed. I go through about 2 ounces+ a week of medical through a bong, and have been for many, many years.
    No complaints.
    Clouds :bongin:
  12. What everyone else said, no. I smoke every day, and I still manage to function properly and get my shit done, so what's the harm? You drink water every day, so why not inhale water-vapours every day? haha.
  13. I smoke steadily throughout the day no matter what I am doing and I don't feel like I am abusing weed yet. So you are nowhere near that level!!!
  14. Now this is marijuana abuse....
  15. #15 MileHighPotHead, Jun 7, 2013
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    Oooo Oooo I know this answer... The world has the problem.
    Na man you're good. 
    PS vapes are awesome
  16. #16 MileHighPotHead, Jun 7, 2013
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    I like this
    1) Wake up bake before I shower. (everyday)
    2)Bake after getting the stuff I need to do done (yupppp)
    3)Bake again shortly after (most days)
    4)Bake again before dinner (a lot)
    5)Bake again after dinner (sometimes)
    6)Bake while watching sports (depends on who's playing, I gotta be a Mile High to support my Denver teams.)
    7)Bake before bed (everyday)
    This, however was my school year schedule.  Now that summer's here it's more like.
    1)Wake up bake (yup)
    2)Hit up the homies and bake (of course)
    3)Hit up some biatches and bake (Hella)
    4)Go to girls house and bake (  (;  )
    5) Either stay the night and bake before bed or go home and bake before bed.
    I like summer a lot..  I wouldn't consider this abuse.  Plus I vaporize through a bong a lot and eat edibles quite a bit.  I still wouldn't call this abusing weed.  Isn't weed meant to be burned/vaped/cooked?  
    Look at that mofo Wiz.  Last year a report came out saying he would spend something like 13,000$ on weed weekly.  I think this is pretty close to abusive.
  17. not my preferred time to smoke is like 2-3 hours before bedtime..
    Also I try to eat before I bake..not bake before I eat..
  18. thats not that bad, an eight in what 4 days?
  19. LOL yea..then again he don't smoke his shits 'down till they stingers' like he says...
  20. Nah I think weed abuse is relative to how much supply you have. If you had like enough money for an 8th a week and were in the situation where you could only smoke like early morning and night so smoked just cos you could and stayed up and made yourself tired by doing so, it would be abusing it, or if you just use it for everything just to be high for it, like going to a restaurant ("ah food will be so much better high!") or grocery shopping ("the supermarket will be so big and cool high!") or cleaning your home ("i'll be more relaxed doing it high!") etc just for the sake of smoking for each activity, that'd be abuse too. But to be honest if you're enjoying yourself doing it and have the means to do it I wouldn't call it abuse.

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