Is This Color Normal? My Buds Look Funny.

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  1. So I'm around 5-6 weeks of flowering or so. And my one girl is from dirt weed seeds so I'm not real sure what kind of genetics she has, but around maybe a week ago tops she started having some weird looking purplish color in her buds. At first I felt like it probably had to do with her genetics, but honestly, if purple is from the temperature of the grow room it doesn't make sense to me cause things have been rather hot as we've been getting some high temperatures in the Mid-Atlantic area. I mean things have also been pretty damn humid. I've been trying to dry out a hermy for over a week.

    Anyway, is this possibly some sort of mold or fungus or is this normal?

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  2. i think that they look pretty nice myself. the plant is probably got some purple genes in it. at least from the pics i could see, some are out of focus. you're fan leaves are yellowing which is normal for late flowering cycle. at least that is my opinion. anyone else?
    keep up the good work!!
  3. [​IMG]

    Looks normal to me lol
  4. looks delish
  5. Looks like some super fire a good ” problem” to have my friend

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