Is This Child Abuse?

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  1. I don't think some dorky kid doing his stupid dorky rap is child abuse.
  2. Indoctrination is a-okay, amiriteguys.
    Totally not child abuse.
    A-okay to indoctrinate children.  Baby jesus, suicide bombing, whatever - all good.
  3. Just looking at that kid's shirt and that's woman clothing, I'm 100% sure both have/were abused as children. 
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    Child abuse is subjective and none of anyone elses buisness.

    Yea abuse is wrong but we all have different opinions on what abuse is. Not only that but who are any of you to take a kid aaay from its family because you disagree with the parenting.

    Abused foster children always end up getting even more fucked up by the system after being "rescued"

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  5. that is a horribly wrong statement....if you know of a child being abused and dont do anything thats wrong, children are helpless most of the time
  6. No but it's worse than child abuse. 
    Obviously this kid was beaten, horsewhipped, and forced to stand up and do his little song and dance number. If you look closely, you can see the cigarette burns on his neck and cheeks.
    Good call there, buddy!
    Well, now that you have watched the video, are you going to report it?
    You left out a couple of things. Don't thank me, I was happy to help. :smoke:
  10. the burns are probably underneath the purple shirt.
    Just so I have this right, you're saying that cross dressers were abused as children?
  12. Let's talk about that woman...I am going to have nightmares about her. 
    Thanks. :rolleyes: You were obviously raised well.
  14. Still not as bad as Jesus Camp. I don't necessarily think indoctrination is total abuse, it really depends how its used. You can indoctrinate with love, and you can use it with fear. If you use it to tell a child that he must act a certain way or will burn eternally, and that kid goes on to have severe mental anxieties and other issues yes it is clearly abuse. Using hellfire threats is mental terrorism.
  15. Sadly its not, because the Government can't step in and prevent shit like this.
    Really regretting that whole "Freedom of speech thing"  :rolleyes:
    Jk, of course... but really, some people don't need that right lmfao

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