Is This Cannabis? Also Any Other Information?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by stinkytrees4me, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. Is this what i think it is? 0607131715.jpg 0607131715a.jpg 0607131739.jpg 0607131739a.jpg 0607131739b.jpg

  2. No it's not. Pretty close though.
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    why is it different from these pictures i found online? It looks exactly like these.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  4. Juzt look at the leaf structure thats not mj

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  5. With cannabis all of the leaflets join at one spot. Your plant has a bipinate structure (if I remember the name rightly).
  6. Where I live, I'd guess that would be poison oak. 
    There are many strains, some look slightly different, but similar, with seemingly various potency.
    Different people can have different tolerances. Some people will break out almost immediately, while others can take as long as 2 weeks to break out. And your bodys system may change as well. If you were immune as a kid, you might be allergic later in life. Or you might come in contact with a really potent strain, or whatever.
    This shit really sucks! and it spreads easily. First you wipe some sweat off your head and neck, then you stop to piss behind a tree, then you pick your nose.......
    You might break out on the way back to the car, or you might smear it around for a week and then start breaking out.

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    Optometerist needed.

    These Pics and the op Pics look nothing alike.

    Ronhip is right ....that's poison oak.
  8. Grow it and smoke it then let us know. Dont seem like u believe its not mj. Open ur eyes and look at thd difference between the 2.

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  9. how am i the only one who sees some similarities? i will go back soon and take a video so you can tell me for sure.
  10. Going on the leaf structure alone no its not the fingers on your plant done meet at a central point. Cannabis leaves do. Case in point not cannabis. But by almean if you wanna grow it and smoke it that's your choice but it will most likely do you harm. You have been warned if you don't listen don't hold anyone on GC accountable apart from yourself.

    Know your plants
  11. Jesus

    cant wait till you see a Japanese'll be made of hash

    Look man Ive grown so much grass, I quit counting plant numbers a decade ago... # of crops 5-6 years ago.

    And I'm telling you that ain't cannabis.
  12. To many people believing so many plants to be cannabis, why can't people do the proper research. I'm pretty sure someone posted up some tomato plants saying can wait till these flower gonna be some nice bud.
  13. Because you are in denial and want it to be MJ really bad.
  14. Been growing for 8 years...that is not cannabis man. Sorry. But, if you are that disappointed, maybe its time to try out your green thumb and order some real seeds.

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  15. It's not cannabis. Video isn't going to change a thing.

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