Is this Calcium deficiency ?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Thoruk, Apr 19, 2023.

  1. Or what It is? please


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  2. Magnesium deficiency.
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  3. Agree with Mick above, looks like you've got some Mg lacking

    Remember if you add cal-mag or similar, it will typically have a bit of Nitrogen it it too, so you may want to back off other nutes for a bit until you see improvements on the Mg, otherwise you can choke out the root zone.

    Also (and it might be fine) if your medium PH is too acidic the plant will have trouble sucking up the Mg.
    Best of luck mate, I've come back from worse Mg deficiencies on my own plants, small adjustments of one variable at a time are the key imho.
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  4. Too buzzed to look at it right now . Wow. I have to stop those gummy bears . But they tase so good . Just a ear of one will work. I had more then an ear . I will stop eating them for a day starting next year . Yummy .
  5. Thank you
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  6. Thank you, never knew about CalMag adding N too
    I will add more CalMg and keep the PH to 6.3 or should i go 6.5?

    hopefully next wont be Calcium overdose lol

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  7. 6.3 to 6.5 should be fine, its about the PH range of most bag soils like Ocean forest etc. If you have backed off other nutes (might take a few days) I'd try upping the calmag first, but gradually, if you don't start to see some improvement on the leaves (they may still look shitty, just less shitty) keep rolling with it.

    In flower its a running battle against the clock and a maturing plant so it may never fully fix itself by harvest depending on how bad the deficiency is and how far along your plants are, that's not the end of the world as the plant starts to prioritize bud development over maintaining its leaves as it ages, eventually mobilizing nutrients from the leaves up to the buds, so if you have buds going, it it not uncommon to have some nice buds on an otherwise gnarly looking plant

    In a dirt grow, PH is usually one of the later steps I adjust if nothing else has worked, because it can be easy to overdo it, and end up getting the plant out of a good range for like Iron, and see-saw from one deficiency to the next.

    Hope this helps and you get your plants to where you want them to be.
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  8. thank you very much, i have upped CalMag and the ph is 6.4
    Im doing DWC so i keep the ppm where i see she keep drinking. She is still in Veg, i want to flip but i was hopeing to fix this problem first asap as the summer coming and will ruin It with the heat

    i have another one, smaller and 2 days ago i see few fan leaves looking very bad….is she suffering Mag def too?


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  9. I'd love to help you on this one mate, but I have pretty much 0 experience with DWC systems (mostly dirt or coco growing), so I would be very reluctant to give you advice.

    however, there are definitely a lot of folks on here with mad experience in DWC systems, I think @trojangrower may be one of them, he has definitely got some impressive setups in some of his threads and journals.
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  10. @Misanthropevet I was just reading the thread. I like to listen. I have experience with DWC and normally run my pH between 5.5 - 6.0. @Dr M is also a proficient DWC grower but runs his plants at a higher pH near 6.5 (I believe). Mick has already answered this question, although did not mention that you can apply either calmag or epsom salts as a foliar spray (before lights out). I've done this before for mag def plants with good success. You can also add epsom salts to the reservoir, just start light (tsp per gallon) and increase as required (maybe up to a tbs per gallon).

    @Thoruk can we see the entire plant? How do the roots look? What nutes are you using? At what EC are you running at?
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  11. actually i run 5.6-6.4ish...strt at 5.6 and let it rise to 6.4 before making adj..drps below 5.6 not good..make adj upwrds..indr grws use lots of cal-mag if hydro..if growing in soil outdrs you will nd to consider a fortifier..OF is decent soil as base but run outta gas twrds the end but better than fox farm..i use neem cake as i build the soil..its gd fertilizer and more importntly prevents bug larvae frm survival DSCN4998.JPG DSCN4908.JPG in the soil..last outdr hydro run..current hydro run DSCN5026.JPG these go outdrs this wk DSCN5023.JPG
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