Is this cal mag deficiency?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SativaBleu, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. just noticed some spots on two of my girls
    What u guys think?

    DD8FB327-9E86-42D8-ACF2-3CC58A182115.jpeg 684BF685-F3DB-4AB2-8194-A29DD2CD4E95.jpeg 0C5A8A31-9CFB-45D2-A830-9976894CE6AA.jpeg 4070C0A9-469F-4696-B2D2-E0FC30C5FB34.jpeg
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  2. theres not to many spots mate cant really say ,,,but i suppose yoiu could treat for cal/mag i dont think it would hurt the plant ...mac..
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  3. Thank u. I will add some cal mag to her water
    Is it early to feed nutes at this point?
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  4. what grow mix are you growing in as it any added fertilizers added ,and how old is the plant ,,thanks,,mac,
  5. I have them in black gold soil from amazon
    The plant is little over three weeks
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  6. Ye im with mac, its early... calmag is my first thought but it isnt fully presenting itself.
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