Is this burn?

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  1. Is this nute burn?

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  2. What are you feeding it and what strength? It looks more like combination deficiencies but I could be wrong. Can you post more pics and info?

    4th grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud 1200w
  3. Nute burn would leave the tips and edges crispy brown, yours is coming from the leaf inner, so it leads me to believe its a deficiency.

    What are you feeding them?
  4. Dutch pro a and b
    Take root
    Ph down grow.

    Just under half strength
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    Feed them just ph balanced water for the next couple feeds and just check the new growth to see if its healthy.

    Other than that all i can suggest is MagiCal.
  6. Growth has more or less stopped. In going to get some canna flush and then some super thrive.
  7. Why buy an overpriced product to flush? Used ph balanced water, its free.
  8. Check for pests too... I thought I burned mine, turns out I had spider mites
  9. It cost a fiver and is easier than flushing. I have to put them in the bath to flush bit of a pain.
  10. Like this

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  11. Yeah you have way overfed them.

    Flush and scale back nutes.. 25%-50% of what you have been giving them
  12. Suppose to be 2.5 to 3.5 ml per litre. I have it at 15 ml to 15 litre
  13. Used the canna flush the other day. Makes the ph drop like a bitch. I phd the water first to 5.8 then added n it dropped to like 2. So I threw it.
    Added to non phd water of about 7.5 dropped to like 4. Used that.
    I think it's suppose to be low to dissolve the salts etc.

    Not sure whether to use just phd water next feed or bang a drop of super thrive in???
    What do you think??

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