Is this bug good or bad for my plant ?

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  1. Hi I'm Just wondering if this is a bug I should get ride of ? Or if it's a bug that will take care of the pesky aphids ..
    Thanks in advance 20200801_090932.jpg 20200801_085930.jpg 20200801_085840.jpg 20200801_085826.jpg 20200801_085823.jpg

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  2. This doesn't exactly pertain to this question but the people have any ways or ideas of how to make me get rid of grasshoppers
  3. Stink bug, bad for your plants. Usually you get them on melons and squash. Not so much on green leafy herbs. Don't squash them or hand pick them. They are called stink bugs for a reason. Spray them with Spinosad or other fast acting organic pesticide. Pretty easy to get rid of.
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  4. Help not make sorry
  5. That is not a stink bug. I have seen thousands of stink bugs and have lived somewhere where they were everywhere. That is 1000% not a stinkbug.
  6. What the hell are you trying to say?
  7. Sorry.wondering if anyone has dealt with grasshoppers.if so what did you do to get rid of them?
  8. Grasshoppers are a nuisance but they don't do much besides eating a few leaves.
    If you want a better answer, maybe start your own thread?
  9. brown-marmorated-stink-bug-_l0o9225.jpg boxelder.png Screenshot_20200803-191955_Chrome.jpg
    There are many different species of stink bug.
    200 in North America alone.
  10. Oh geeze lmao but how many of those are native to his region? I bet you couldn't find 50 different types of stinkbugs in your city. But here is a close up of the OP's pest and a picture of a boxelder bug. Still think it looks like a stink bug?

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  11. Possibly.
    Boxelder bugs or stink bugs both are bad for plants.
    We have those same bugs all over the place here where I live and we've always called them stink bugs.

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