Is this Bud Rot????

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  1. Harvested 13 plants yesterday. Gave them a lemon and baking soda bath. Hung them up to dry outdoors. Over night had a heavy rain went to check the plants and found all the pistols turned brown and some of the buds... please help!!!

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  2. When freshly cut hay gets rained on it washes out some of the chlorophyll and the hay turns brown. I don't see any sign of bud rot. If there was no rot when you hung the plants they wouldn't develop it overnight. Regardless, it's too late to worry over it, you can't change it now. I doubt your buds were harmed much.

    Why were you washing your buds?
  3. I read that growers wash buds when growing outdoors... thought if anything was living in them somewhere the wash would eliminate them.
  4. I see. I'd rather not smoke bug poop but I'm sure I've done it plenty of times.
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  5. I'm just worried because before the was they looked magnificent now they look sick!

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