Is this bud ready to harvest? Northern lights auto indoor cfl

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  1. Can I harvest this bud? It's part of my main cola

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    You want 70 to 85% brown pistils and milky (cloudy instead of clear) trichomes. Even zoomed in it's hard to tell from the pics. They look pretty milky, but it's always hard to tell if not there in person.

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  3. Hey! Thanks for the reply! I don't have a magnifying glass yet or anything so I don't know if it's like that, but I'll try to get one...

    Also if I posted a picture of the bud, would you be able to estimate its dry weight?
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  4. Hell no! But it would be awesome if I could.

    And wait for a second opinion. I've only been doing this a year.

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  5. Dont chop it yet. Judging by pics, your yield wont be much. Ive done a few NL autoflowers before and they all went 10-11 weeks(from seed) on 20-4 lighting.

  6. How much longer should I wait? It's been 9 and a half weeks since sprouting
  7. Only you can answer that by checking trichs. But I would encourage you to let them go 11 weeks. The pistils will get darker and begin to shrink. That's usually time.
  8. Its all a learning cuve! Looks like its getting there. As its been said it will be atleast 11weeks on a NL. Make sure you read other cfl grows! Need that light cm away from the plant!
  9. So 2 more weeks should do the trick?

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