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Is this bud..or am i dreaming?? (picture)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by high hopes, May 10, 2010.

  1. hey guys:wave:
    so oddly enough, i found this plant in my house but never noticed it until today. it appears to me as marijuana, but has no smell to it. im pretty sure my mom bought this thinking it was a flower because next to it i can see a different small flower waiting to sprout. any help would be greatly appreciated as i could be getting my hopes up for nothing. thanks so much!

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  2. looks kinda like it. hope it is.
  3. Looks ALOT like it. I'm no botanist and i dont grow but somethings telling me it isnt.
  4. Lol that looks like pot. Same thing happened to my Aunt, she bought a rose plant at the flea market, couple weeks later a nice little Marijuana plant made it's appearance :hello:
  5. It does have the same leaves as the cannabis plant, but it has a red stock, which leaves me to believe it isn't cannabis, but maybe a relative? Possibly a hemp plant?
  6. It looks like it but I don't think it is. More pictures needed for a positive ID.
  7. Odd stories I'm hearing on this thread. How do you accidentaly buy cannabis from a store? Flea market I could understand, but you don't walk into the flower section at shoprite and get weed buy accident.
  8. Wow. I wonder what your mom will think of your sudden interest in gardening... :smoking:
  9. :p well for once its not me bringing the illegal stuff into the house........
  10. It could may as well be a Japanese maple.
  11. Doesn't look like a weed plant, could be maple. the maple tree in front of my house has the same red stalks but slightly different leaves.
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    im 100% it is a Japanese maple and not the cannabis plant.

    From all the times im grown i have never seen a sprout or even some clones with thank man leaves on it. ( normally its 3 or 5)

    the leaves are also slit like the Japanese maple. I always had a joke with my friends that my parents have a 20 foot weed plant ( an i always point to our Japanese maple tree.)
  13. To answer your question.. it's fan leaves not bud

  14. Japanese maple for sure
  15. Looks like marijuana to me, but it could be that maple.

    Only real way to tell is to keep it growing.

    but if your mom bought a plant from a store, its not weed. lol.
  16. Maybe there's a traveling marijuana gardener, stopping everywhere he can to spread the magic of cannabis. Someone has decided to become the weed version of Johnny Appleseed, Johnny Potseed. (The only reason I suggest this scenario is because I plan on possibly doing this some time in the future.)
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    i have a plant that looks exactly like that but like 6 ft tall and kinda a small tree in front of my house. its been there since i was a kid and even before i smoke weed i noticed it and was like hold on, it looks like it but can it be true?
    so i asked my mom and she said its called an asian maple leaf tree and has never had any buds on it :(
    i also found a few of these plants at my high school and from a distance they look like weed bushes haha needless to say when i looked closer i was dissapointed that my school was not growing weed in the campus planters

    and to turbotoke's idea of johnny potseed me and a few buddies actually did that and out of 7 plants placed generally in the open none survived. all but one sprouted and only two didnt get pulled (probably by the gardeners who worked there) by a month and a half. after that they both died for some reason :(
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    haha, that's funny. If I do it though I plan on planting maybe 100 seeds all around.
  19. It's maple, look at the color of the stem and shape of the leaves.


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