Is this bubbler worth 40

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    My friend offered me this bubbler for $40. He claims to have paid $60 and used it lightly. But I'm not sure if something like this would be worth the money.

    Also would something like this start to reek?

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  2. I would offer him 30 just for the heck of it. :p That way if its awesome you got a deal and if it isnt all that you hoped you didnt lose too much. ;p
  3. thats worth 30 bucks brand new, id give him 10 bucks for it
  4. Good deal,I paid sixty for the coil perk on my bong. Cleaning the coil is the tricky part, fill the bottom with alcohol and salt and gently blow on the mouthpiece,making the water and salt rise and fall up and down the coil. Keep it clean and it won't stink!otherwise great piece

    knives heated dull red
    release sweet smoky nectar
    I am lifted high
  5. Fuck no dude-  For the money you can go to the lhs and buy your own brand new bubbler, that quality or better. 
  6. No way that thing is worth $60 brand new. He might have paid that, but it's not worth anything close to that...

    Cheap china bubbler, offer him $10-15. For $60 you could snag a quality American made piece.

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  7. Wow and to think I was seconds away from just buying it.

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