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Is this brickweed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thatglasssmoker, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Is this brickweed? It smells dank. 1371778817920.jpg

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  2. It looks ok, and if it smells like dank chances are it is.

  3. No way to tell, ask your dealer but I doubt he'll tell you it's brick weed. Just because it's dank doesn't mean it's not brick weed there's some dank ass brick weed out there.

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  4. Brick weed isn't necessarily bad, it means that it was vacuum sealed and compressed for travel, you can still get dank off of a brick, it will just be very dense or oddly shaped. 
  5. Doesn't look it.
    I've had dank brick before. Like, dank crystally pretty nugs, it's just been bricked for travel. A good indicator is if your bud is like totally flat on one side. Or squared up. The brick dank i've had wasn't insanely bricked so hard you couldn't bust it down, it was just pressed a little and one side of my nugs were flat. No biggie. Your pic however, doesn't appear to be brick weed.
  6. Looks uncompressed to me. Probably some decent outdoor.
  7. I'm curious for my own sake, not really questioning you, but how can you (not you, just people in general) tell the difference between indoor and outdoor grown?
  8. Well indoor is usually just cleaner in general. I'm not saying outdoor is bad but it's usually a little fluffier an puffier if ya know what i mean. Indoor if done right is tight as fuck. Then again i could be wrong but that's just from experience. When you see it an how well it's trimmed you can usually guess if it's indoor or outdoor.
  10. Looks decent. Probably just old bud.

    BTW nice blanket. Remember to keep doing your homework!

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