is this box worth it?

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  1. okay i know alot of people are down on fluros but i have little money right now and its my first grow i want to learn the first time around. with that said, i want to grow in a homemade box, on the four sides on the inside of them box i want to put two singlet-5 fluorscent lights in fixtures, they are 54watts wach and emit 6400k, so that would be a total of 8 of them on the inside of the box and from the top of the box i was going to hang a200watt compact vitalume fluorocent light. now what i need to know is what size i should make the box? height?depth?width? do i need fans if i grow with fluros if so what would be good one to have? i would like to beable to do 6-8 plants? what would be agood light schedule to use with fluorscent lighting?? is potencty really affect4ed by the use of fluoecoscents? any input would be great, thanks
  2. space wise its 80 lumens per watt i think and you need about 2000 lumens per sqft if i member right lol :D you can work that out am lazy and also yes it would be a good i dea to have some ventaltion just use some computer fans there cheap and effect for a grow box and lighting schedule leave it on for 24/7 for liek the first 2 weeks and then about 18/6 for veg and 12/12 for flowering i think if you want to you can leave the lighting for 24/7 all the way through veg i dont know someone will tell you lol :D :D

    good luck man
  3. kool does any body else have any input?
  4. i'm not sure leaving the lights on 24/7 during the veg stage is healthy for the plant, but overall thats some really good information blaze_420!:D

    edit: what strains are you growing?
  5. Fanx :D :D :D :D i did loads of research ages ago and picked up a few things :D :D
  6. what size? height?depth and width? should i make it? with the amount of lights i mentioned above??
  7. 25sqft so somthing like 5ft by 5ft may be a bit smaller erm height around about 3ft-4ft i think should do it
  8. so 5ft wide 5ft deep, and 4ft tall? does that make sense

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