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Is this Bowl piece properly made?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by baneat, May 28, 2009.

  1. Hi, trying to make a bong here, and I made that piece to put the weed in. Made of a hosepipe, masking tape, a ratchet piece and the grille is made from a metal bottle cap (smirnoff) cut down and holes poked into it with a knife. It's practically airtight if you hiold your hand over the bowl and suck on the other end, is it good enough for use in a bong?

    That's a UK penny, btw

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  2. Well hell, looks like it should work lol.
  3. Is the bowl too big?too small? Just right?
  4. It looks like it will work well.

    However, be careful when you are filling up the bong. I have made a makeshift that looks similar to yours before and something with the pressure in the bong caused water to come shooting out when i was taking a rip, causing me to lose the fat bowl i had packed =(
  5. Will do, thanks. It's probably the pressure trying to equalize itself through the only available outlet
  6. No, the tape should not be around the outside of the bowl. When the bowl gets hot, the tape will melt and release nasty chemicals.
  7. If you can get a bottle of Smirnoff can't you get a real bong?
  8. Looks good enough to work.

    Check for pressure leaks, tears, and other stuff we wouldn't be able to see in the picture, and then you're ready to go.
  9. Sure, but I don't smoke enough to make the investment as worth it as others do. Also, I need something I can safely leave in the "fortress of solitude" (secluded foresty area) wich I won't care too much about if a fox nicks it, because I can't leave it in the house.

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