Is this bong worth it?

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  1. I am kinda low on money and want to buy one, looking around the net found this:
    [ame=]Bong 22" Extra Large: Kitchen & Home[/ame]

    Does this look ok? It says it has a aliminium pipe/ IS that ok?

    Thanks :wave:
  2. i guess for that price its alright but still not that good. acrylic is not so good neither is the metal bowl and stem. nothing is like glass!! you should go find a cheap lil glass bong they are worth it and you'll love it
  3. nahhhhh you can spent 3 bucks more at the smoke shop for a glass one:]
    not the biggest but theyre WAY BETTER THAN ACRYLIC AND IT COMES WITH A GLASS BOWL....whoa i dont know how that got capitalized

    and besides, acrylic bongs arnt what they used to be theyre thin peices of shit that break just as easily as most glass. Most arnt even acrylic anymore! just flimsey old plastic.

  4. Looks just fine to me for a little plastic daily driver. If you do have a local head shop around, you could probably cop a decent little glass one for $15, but this'll do you just fine if not. Stay lifted.
  5. You can buy bongs on amazon?


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