Is this Bong ok for Dabs?

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  1. Hey Guys,

    So recently decided to give dabbing a go, i don't think its as big here in Australia yet so not a lot of people know about it. I wanted a new bong as well so i thought i would buy something that can do both. Below is the bong i bought from an Australia online store, as bud is still illegal here in Australia she said it was good for smoking "tobacco"". But i can read between the lines.

    On my 1st hit of these baby it was so smooth, its like i wasn't smoking a bong at all. However it does seem to be really hard to pull especially after a few uses.

    Im assuming this is due to the peculator getting clogged?

    My Question is how often should i have to clean this baby and what with?
    Is this suitable for dabs, as the dabs ive been doing do not seem to be getting me that high. i have used a titanium nail and a glass nail, seems like i have more luck with the glass. The dabs sizes are .05g

    any help would be awesome


  2. It'll do fine.
    Usually with dabs, you want small volume, and your bong looks small which would be suitable
  3. Yeah man! You should be set with that set up. Cleaning a bong with percs like that is easiest done with 420 cleaner. I use ISO and epsom salt to clean most of my stuff, but when it comes to a bong with a perc, i use the 420. I find soaking the percs for half an hr tops usually does the trick.

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