Is this bong good

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    I was going to buy some equipment off grasscity but my debit card wouldn't let me buy stuff from the EU.So I went to another site,I saw this.

    is this good for a newbie cause I didn't want to spend hundreds on something I didnt know how to use.

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  2. Cant see the link unfortunately.
  3. i put a image
  4. How much is it? I prefer glass on glass which doesn't have to cost hundreds of dollars.

  5. it was only 12 dollars...yes I know cheap but I want to try a bong out before I decide to get a real good one.
  6. its 12 dollars

    just buy the thing man.

    Unless your piss poor, then you shouldn't be thinking about glass at all.

    For 12 bucks your going to get a piece of shit, that will get you high.

    Then you will decide if smoking through a waterpipe is best for you or not.

    Then you will decide if you want to invest more money on something better.

    Most people feel that they wont know how to "use" a bong.

    What you should be concerned with is wasting money on over priced glass.
  7. I already bought it lol I just wanted to get someone opinion on

  8. oh, lol

    it looks awful to me. But I'd still smoke mad weed out of it.
  9. You'll be high regardless, toke up!!

  10. Well trying a 12 dollar bong isn't going to give you any idea of how magical a real bong is.

    I have a daily driver that I've been using for over a year. It only cost me like 55 bucks. Fucking rips. It's awesome. I definitely get more stoned off my bong than anything else, but a 12 dollar bong isn't going to work nearly as good.
  11. Lol Kliff, you are one honest mother fucker dude. Not afraid to say what you want lol

    Yeah its not nice at all, the metal downstem and bowl is a huge downside.

    at least its not a water bottle with a pen stuck inside it and a ratchet taped to the pen. lol

    and using a bong is nothing crazy, all you do is inhale, light weed, continue to inhale, then when all the smoke is gone, inhale deep then exhale.... just like any other piece. dont need a calculator for that one.

    good luck OP
  12. I saw, i read, i lol'd.
  13. Like any other piece.. but prepare your lungs for much fatter hits.
  14. I'd say get a bong with a slide instead of one with a carb hole, but that's just me.
  15. Ok..I shouldn't have cheeped out but I got around $100 coming next week,any bong you recommended that is available on this site?
  16. Look man, if you want to decide if you would like to smoke out of a bong, don't waste your money on a overpriced one. Buy a nice blubber for like 30 or 40.

  17. what is a blubber!? Blubber nuggets!?
  18. ^^^ or instead of buying a tube mass produced in Asia, you could get a travel tube with a showerhead downstem and a disk diffused slide for right around $100 from soul shine family glass.
  19. OP you better gives Jaames some rep for going through that trouble for you ;)

    I agree with him though. Drop 60 on a decent bong and you won't regret it.

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